Fly on the Wall: Gas prices

I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all
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August 1st Bloomington will start charging a FOUR more cents per gallon gas tax.  Normal will probably pass it soon since the two towns have a non-compete agreement.

Meanwhile, gas prices are rising and rising and will soon be un-affordable – that whole mid-east war stuff.  Our country isn’t allowed to drill or build new refineries, so get the bike ready!  New bike lanes coming just in time.

Who knew government policies would create hardships for citizens?  A better question:  Did you seriously not already know that?

The recession continues, hopefully not leading to a depression.  If Bush was still President, media would be camping by a gas pump.  Maybe staff cutbacks are keeping them away this time.





2 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Gas prices

  1. Huh, its almost like the democrats want gas prices to go up. If I were a conspiracy theorist I might even say they are trying to make solar and wind competitive with fossile fuels which of course will only happen by making fossils fuels much more expensive.

    Sarcasm aside, I drove down East Washington street today and discovered it has been torn up again. Isn’t this the third time in about 6 years it has been torn up? No wonder they need more gas taxes. The street is torn up only in front of the nice houses right now. I’m assuming they are going all the way to where they resurfaced downtown. Anyone know for sure?

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