Destroying the future-Bloomington UPDATE



The Council voted 7-2 to approve $60,000 for the next 12 months – another consultant for economic development.  Evidently the City gets lots of call from entrepreneurs who know nothing about running a business,  this group will help them.

So to recap:  The City gives the local Economic Development Council (EDC) $100,000 per year, pays an economic development employee around $60,000 (benefits not included), and now $60,000 for NDC.  So, any new businesses must generate at least $220,000 to the City just to break even.  The NDC will advise on who should have access to loans.  Since they are on a list of organizations trying to destroy capitalism, what kind of businesses will they say should receive funds?  I can guess.

by:  Diane Benjamin

Government spending to prop up businesses, that can not exist without help, promotes mediocrity.

The Downtown Business Association (DBA) has no incentive to fund themselves when…

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