Destroying the future-Bloomington UPDATE

The Council voted 7-2 to approve $60,000 for the next 12 months – another consultant for economic development.  Evidently the City gets lots of call from entrepreneurs who know nothing about running a business,  this group will help them.

So to recap:  The City gives the local Economic Development Council (EDC) $100,000 per year, pays an economic development employee around $60,000 (benefits not included), and now $60,000 for NDC.  So, any new businesses must generate at least $220,000 to the City just to break even.  The NDC will advise on who should have access to loans.  Since they are on a list of organizations trying to destroy capitalism, what kind of businesses will they say should receive funds?  I can guess.

by:  Diane Benjamin

Government spending to prop up businesses, that can not exist without help, promotes mediocrity.

The Downtown Business Association (DBA) has no incentive to fund themselves when the City of Bloomington keeps handing them money.  Therefore, they won’t.

The Pantagraph received $92,401 in 2012 and $110,220 in 2013 from the City.  They are incentivized  to be mediocre.

Why is the Veterans Administration failing our veterans.  Because they can.  They do not exist in a competitive arena.  $150 BILLION dollars has been added to their budget, they still fail.

How’s GM doing?  Mediocre, thanks to government bailout.

Tonight David Hales and Tari Renner want the Council to vote to pay the National Development Council $5000 a month for 12 months.

Google National Development Council capitalism 

This is the second link that appears:  

Click to access rebuilding.pdf


Organizational Resources for Rebuilding the Economy of our Communities

The National Development Council is listed as an organization for Rebuilding the Economy without Capitalism.


What else is there beside capitalism?

What other form of government does not promote mediocrity?

What other form of government has ever been successful?

Why would Renner and Hales want to pay an organization on a list of resources to destroy capitalism?

Will the potted plants even investigate?  Will they even ask questions?

Competition – Competition – Competition

Giving your money to an organization to obtain resources from government for LOCAL projects voids competition and local control.  They will find money to fund projects THEY want.  The City of Bloomington, thinking they are encouraging development, will accept the money.  Local control will be gone.

If our schools had to compete for students we would have better schools.

If purchasing healthcare was competitive, we’d have better and cheaper healthcare.

If Renner and Hales believed in the power of the people to create jobs and grow the economy, they wouldn’t be signing Bloomington up for National control.

See if the potted plants care – email them:









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