Fix the Parking Garage? ASK questions Update

Alderwoman Stearns asked David Hales about the Coliseum.  Watch the video, it involved denial and stammering.

by:  Diane Benjamin

You won’t get an answer.

Maybe the City Propaganda Master (Communication Director) will have a good spin story.   Do you trust City officials to tell you the truth?

Tonight the Council will be asked to spend $136,000 to STUDY fixing the Pepsi Ice Center Parking Garage.

The parking garage was built by the same people who built the Coliseum.  Both were constructed using the same system – built off-site and put together here.

What’s the obvious question?

No, you won’t get an answer.

You deserve one.  No-spin, documented proof the Coliseum won’t need extensive repairs before fixing the garage.

That is a study that should be funded.






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