Auditors get rich – at your expense!

by:  Diane Benjamin

See this post from Friday:

Does David Hales AND the City Council care the money they spend is yours?  What explanation is there for ignoring warnings from the auditors year after year after year.  Yet, the Council renewed Hales contract and gave him a big raise.

So how much did the auditors cost?

For the Year ending April 30, 2012 – Sikich Llp was paid $149,638.59

For the Year ending April 30, 2013 – Sikich Llp was paid $162, 100.21

The City is required to have their financial statements audited.  The City pays to have the Coliseum books audited.  Why does it cost so much?

This information was received under the Freedom of Information Act – a report called Annual Account.

Another entry on this report is disturbing to me as a CPA:

For 2012 the City transferred $90,590.70 to Petty Cash

For 2013 the City transferred $80,329.74 to Petty Cash

Petty cash is not for items that should be reported on an expense report.  It should be for minor expenses.  What does the City spend that much money on?  I guess I have to find out.






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