Public Housing downtown?

by:  Diane Benjamin

The following statement made numerous times by Professor Mayor Renner has always bothered me, see if it bothers you.  He is talking about downtown Bloomington.


Who put government in charge of the 21st century?  Are you just dying to live and shop in downtown Bloomington?  If downtown doesn’t thrive Bloomington won’t?   Mayor Tyranny is obsessed with downtown.  Where do you think your tax dollars will be spent?

Last night the Council voted 7-2 to spend $5000 a month with the National Development Council.  David Hales proclaimed that development is just too complicated now for the local people to handle.  The days of wanting to open a business, obtaining financing on your own, and then taking a risk are all but gone. You need government approval and financing.  (Or, Bloomington, you elected the wrong guy!)

This description of the National Development Council was included in the packet provided to the Council last night:

BACKGROUND: The NDC is the oldest national non-profit community and economic development organizations in the US. It was founded in 1969 with one (1) purpose: increasing  the flow of capital for investment, jobs and community development to underserved urban and rural areas across the country. Since that time, NDC has worked with thousands of communities in every one of the fifty (50) states and Puerto Rico, providing technical assistance, professional training, investment in affordable housing, small business financing and direct developer services. Their work has taken many forms, but they have kept pace with the needs of their constituents, adding new programs and services and updating old ones.

Renner has also stated numerous times that people are on waiting lists to live downtown.  The Democrat base is people supported by government (us).  Renner wants people living downtown.  The NDC specializes in affordable housing (subsidized).

NDC has money for developers.  Should we be looking for downtown public housing?  Maybe the Pantagraph building?

Like I reported yesterday, the NDC wants to abolish capitalism.  Personal responsibility no longer matters.  People need government to analyze every part of life for you and provide funding.

If I was a developer or budding entrepreneur, the last person I would meet with is Renner.  Government almost always picks the loser.







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