Time out to expose Pantagraph

by:  Diane Benjamin

As I stated a couple of days ago, I’m taking some time off to work on something else.  Details eventually.

I have to comment on a few items the Pantagraph reported on though.

Yesterday on-line they had a story about the BN by the Numbers meeting held this week.  Nobody knows why Bloomington-Normal has fewer people working now than a year ago-2700 less.  They are concerned.  It was even reported this is a nationwide phenomenon.  REALLY?  Nobody noticed STATE FARM is shipping out FAMILIES?  Nobody noticed that businesses aren’t hiring because of government policies?  Nobody noticed people fleeing Illinois because of incompetent boobs in Springfield?  REALLY?  I don’t see the story on-line today, maybe they even realized it wasn’t reporting.

That brings me to Cheers and Jeers.

They CHEERED the McLean County Museum of History for their $3 million fundraising drive.  I cheer them too, it’s awesome that residents are willing to give money to support a cause they believe in.  However, did anybody bother to ask why they took $254,800 from taxpayers in the form of a grant if they can raise $3,000,000?  Doesn’t look like it.

Then the Pantagraph CHEERED Miller Park Zoo for receiving $700,000 of your tax money.  The Pantagraph calls it a compliment from an “outside group”.  That “outside group” is STATE government!  This is the same STATE not paying their bills on time, the STATE with a deplorable credit rating, the STATE with billions of dollars of pension debt.  I could go on.

Thanks Pantagraph.  It’s an election year.  Quinn and the Democrats are handing out our money like candy.  It’s nice of year to Cheer the local clowns who can fill out a grant application.






2 thoughts on “Time out to expose Pantagraph

  1. Great blog about the economy in B/N according to the Pantagraph. Why is it every newspaper is so liberal? Was referred to your blog by Ken Behrens, long-time voice on WJBC. Would you be interested in talking on the air by phone some morning on our radio show, “Breakfast with Royce and Roger?” Good way to promote your blog site.
    Roger G. Monroe

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