PLEASE run Rob!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Former Bloomington alderman Rob Fazzini announced to WGLT he is thinking of running as an independent for the County Board:

Fazzini thinks the Board elections should be non-partisan.  It’s easy to see why since Bloomington and Normal Council elections are non-partisan.  Big spenders, who think everything needs managed and regulated, find it easier to win if they don’t have to declare a party.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell from how they vote if the person is really a Republican, but voters at least deserve to know what they should expect.  If McLean County actually had a functioning Republican party, the pretend Republicans would be weeded out.  It doesn’t, so many remain.

Keep in mind – the County is dominated by Republicans.  County roads are MUCH better than the roads in town.  Overall the County is way better run than Bloomington or Normal.

The last line in the story says Fazzini is a registered Republican, but he’s been a registered Democrat.

In Illinois, there is no such thing.

Voting in a Republican primary doesn’t make you a Republican.  Same for Democrat.  All voting in a primary means is that person is the one you want to see on the general election ballot.  By the way, we are the only country where We The People get to pick our candidates in a primary.  Disgusting candidates appear on the November ballot because the good guys lose in the primaries.  Not voting in a primary gives away your RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY to get good candidates on the general election ballot.

Back to Fazzini:

Rob is the guy who wasted a lot of staff time in both Normal and Bloomington because he represented a company wanting to turn garbage into jet fuel for a fee.

Rob is involved with the CornBelters who are now changing leagues so they don’t have to pay players.

Rob announced at a Council meeting gas taxes don’t necessarily raise the price of gas.

Rob was behind trying to pass Modified Wards so he could be a mega alderman instead of representing just a small section of town.  He didn’t realize we knew every step he was taking because we had a mole.

I hope Rob runs!

He will make the race entertaining.  I can’t wait to see what else he utters.




8 thoughts on “PLEASE run Rob!

  1. Too bad you don’t have an editor. The Cornbelters are staying in the Frontier League per The Pantagraph, Ballpark, and The Frontier League website. As far as switching leagues, the ones they talked to are collegiate affiliated ones, which means the players have to have NCAA eligibility and can not be paid so they can maintain their eligibility. The league they are playing in right now does not pay high salaries because each team is capped at 75k. Players stay with host families and receive meal money. Also, Rob’s involvement in the talks with other leagues is not known. He is not even in the front office of the team. So I understand you don’t like him but why make a libelous statement just to embellish why he is so bad? Either you have proof that he is trying to convince the team to switch leagues or you don’t print it.


    1. Are you pretending they aren’t going broke? I don’t read the Pantagraph since they are full of errors. The last I heard they wanted a non-paying league for obvious reasons. There were press reports they were switching back about 1 month or two.

      The Pantagraph does read every article I write! Maybe someday I will print it.


      1. The Pantagraph did report that the Cornbelters have the lowest attendance of any team in the Frontier League. Seems there’s not much of a demand for this product in BN. “The Belters recently completed their eighth season in the Frontier League at the Corn Crib. Normal, which posted a 48-48 record, had a franchise-record low attendance average of 1,685, which ranked 11th in the 12-team league.”


    2. LMAO, there are no libelous statements in Diane’s reply Sonny boy! Funny you try to bring information to folks and then blow in by making a completely unsubstantiated statement. Credibility say, umm, good-bye.


  2. I and a few other will be checking every signature on every single Petition he submits once they are all released for public viewing after he files them.Regarding his garbage to fuel scheme, he was still an elected official when he began working that nice sweet deal for himself. Seems to me he violated a few ethics laws by actively seeking a city contract for a firm that he was already working at and personally profiting from. How this film flam man got away with that, is beyond me.


  3. Anyone who thinks local elections are nonpartisan is blind to the facts. In Normal, both R.C. McBride and Chemberly Cummings are presently democratic precinct committee men. So is Erik Rankin who serves on the county board. Scott Black in Bloomington has been a former democratic precinct committee man as well as Fazzini’s wife and David Hauman, husband of Diana Hauman, a Bloomington City Council member. And then there’s the biggest democrat of all, Tari Renner.

    I have no problems at all with any of the above people serving in such a capacity of declaring their party affiliation. Where and when it becomes a problem is when these people try to tell us that local elections are nonpartisan. They’re not and neither are those who are trying to make us believe such a lie.


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