City Manager Mark Peterson LIABELS me!

by Diane Benjamin

Yesterday Bloomington Alderman Rob Fazzini wrote a long email to me stating his position on the hostile takeover, nothing new that I haven’t already reported, just more dribble.

For some reason, he copied the City Manager of Normal, Mark Peterson.  Why?  Normal is all about limiting citizen representation, so maybe Peterson is complicit.

For the record, if I have ever met or had any discussions with Mark Peterson, I don’t remember it.

Mark Peterson felt the need to respond to Rob Fazzini though.  Here is what he wrote:


Remember this is from a guy that DOESN’T know me or anything about me.

Since his opinion of Rob Fazzini is “good people”, that might explain how he thinks.  Fazzini is attempting to limit the representation of the citizens of Bloomington and he is “good people”?

Considering Normal severely limits citizen input, no wonder Peterson expressed support.

Peterson has no idea who I meet with, who I discuss issues with, what opinions I listen to, where my information comes from, or anything else about me.  This man is a public servant, I wonder what he says behind the backs of the Normal citizens who disagree with the City government.   I wonder how many citizens he ignores so they aren’t motivated to be involved with City government!

I would ask the citizens of Normal to contact their representative on the Council and ask them to do something about Peterson’s flagrant libelous attitude, but they don’t have a representative.  You can email the At-Large Council here:

Let me know if anybody bothers to respond.

One more note:

Fazzini then felt the need to send this to his cronies:

On Tuesday, November 12, 2013 12:15 PM, Robert Fazzini <[email protected]> wrote:
Just FYI from someone who has known Diane Benjamin for some time.
Robert B. Fazzini

Don’t let facts get in your way Rob.




4 thoughts on “City Manager Mark Peterson LIABELS me!

  1. Well Diane! When you shake the trees some coconuts fall……………..sound like Robert is running scared!!! Left-wing Progressives like Fazzini never know how to deal with TRUTH or FACTS.

  2. Rob Fazzini, will try and say anything to get his plan through, give him enough rope he will hang himself !!

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