Fazzini, Fruin, and Black not working alone!

by:  Diane Benjamin

Do the citizens of Bloomington understand the Fazzini plan will allow the Mayor and 3 Alderman to be elected At-Large?  What keeps them from running 4 candidates all from one neighborhood?  Absolutely nothing.  Very transparent Rob! Very bad for the citizens.

ISU Political Science Professor Andrew Matthews discussed this on Cities 92.9 this morning – please listen if you missed it:  http://podcast.cities929.com/wrpwr/4205917.mp3

Who else in Bloomington, besides 3 sitting Aldermen, want to take away your personal representative to the Council?  Here’s a partial list:

  • Carol Reitan,  Former Mayor,  Normal Il
  • Carlo Robustelli, McLean County Board member
  • Rich Buchanan, Former Bloomington Mayor and current County Board Member
  • Steve Purcell, Former Bloomington City Council Member
  • Geoffry Tompkins, Bloomington Liquor Commission
  • Bernie Anderson, Former Bloomington Alderman
  • Laurie Wolrab, McLean County Board Member
  • Carol Koos, Bloomington Library Board Member

There are more I might add later.  I hope you can clearly see the people elected to protect the Constitution and your rights have alternative agendas.

The above was compiled from lists of active members of the FazziniCare team, circulated by Fazzini himself.

FazziniCare was coined by citizens against this hostile take-over.  They hope the same thing now happening to ObamaCare happens to FazziniCare.  They are both not in the best interest of most citizens.

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3 thoughts on “Fazzini, Fruin, and Black not working alone!

  1. What is wrong with letting the VOTERS decide which system we want ? This effort is only a petition to place this referendum on the ballot so voters can decide. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion.

    1. Did the citizens stand in the streets begging for a change? This is an attempt to “slip” one past them. The campaign started with a lie: “Transparent government”. It was a nice try, but it obviously does exactly the opposite.

      Maybe we should let the citizens vote on everything! It worked really well with the Coliseum.

    2. Then where are the referendums for the VOTERS concerning issues that they have shown up multiple times to city council regarding the East Side HiWay, the Form Based Code, the constant ridiculous spending on things that we do not need?

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