Does the Local GOP stand for anything?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Two readers contacted me yesterday about the candidate who announced for County Auditor as a Republican.  Her name is Trisha Malott.  She voted Democrat in the last two primary elections.  Voting in a Democrat primary used to make people ineligible to run on the GOP ticket – it sure does in reverse.  Democrats are not allowed on their ballot if they vote in a Republican primary,  (at least that applied a few years ago)

The GOP is running Democrats now?  There are rumors they always have.  It used to be impossible to get elected in McLean County running as a Democrat, so some ran as GOP instead.  Does the GOP stand for anything, or are they just democrat-light?

I was sent some screen shots from Trisha’s Facebook page, evidently a fake name:

It looks like Trisha hates the Republican president and teaches her son the same:


Does she still support the socialist AOC?


This is from 2013, but Trisha needs to explain her love for what most Republicans consider an un-indicted criminal!


Then there is this one from only a year ago:



Who is Val Laymon?


The local democrats thought a post from GOP County Board member Chuck Erickson was funny enough to put on their Facebook page:


Evidently the Republican party can’t find  a qualified person to run against Michelle Anderson – they had to pick a democrat.  Seriously, no Republicans want a job that pays over $100,000?

I asked Trisha why she was running on the Republican ticket:

hillary supporter

This was her response last night:


Note:  She didn’t deny supporting Hillary.

Not only does the local GOP have some explaining to do – so does Trisha.

I hear there is a Libertarian who is going to run.  With the candidates running now that person deserves a look.

One more I couldn’t overlook – from the Democrats Facebook page:

One more

Democrats are committed to fiscal responsibility?  Funny how both Fazzini and Malott mentioned that!  Illinois Democrats have never supported fiscal responsibility – they tax and spend.

Maybe that phrase will be their election talking point – watch for it.  Lying is allowed when running for office.

The best response to Fazzini came from a Libertarian:

one more 2

Steve is talking about the referendum Democrats didn’t support to abolish the Bloomington Election Commission.  Because they didn’t, taxpayers are forced to continue funding two separate staffs, training, facilities, and election costs.

Very fiscally responsible!

Democrats preferred an election commission with no accountability to voters.  The members would be appointed.  The Connect Transit Board is appointed, how is that working out?


11 thoughts on “Does the Local GOP stand for anything?

      1. Have you reached out to Connie for a comment? I’d really like to hear her explanation. If she says something along the lines of, “Well, Trish is not perfect, but nobody else was interested,” then that is a major failure of recruitment/leadership. I’d prefer they don’t run anybody and give the seat away rather than to run a democrat listed as a republican.

  1. The only thing the local GOP cares about is having their membership cards in the local Elitist Clique just like local Democrats. When one understands that having any political belief system and standing behind it is a sham the better off you will be. For both sides, being a local oligarch is more important than party membership. Neither side cares if your taxes get raised, your house loses value or that violent crime continues unabated. What is important is to be recognized at restaurants, fawned over at community events, and be part of BN society. If the community falls apart at the seams who cares. The best example I can give is the relationship of a local family that just opened a high end restaurant and claims to be Republican but hobnobs with some of the biggest scumbags on the other side. The wife is quite friendly with the local heads of organized labor that enable her to sit on many boards and committees. Yes, BN will continue to burn to the ground.

    1. Bingo. What matter in this town is who sits with the Dobski’s. I think they should call Robdobs Hobnobs.

  2. Wolfs in sheeps clothing. And IF these people EVEN PRETEND to be true CHRISTIANS, then it’s time to bring back Valerian. Vini, vidi, vici.

  3. I know for a fact that Connie did not support Karin Smith’s candidacy/election to the normal Town Council. Thankfully I did not take her advice and I did vote for Karin. I think Connie is not the right person for this position. We need someone who is unapologetically conservative, not someone who tangentially helps the progressive marxist democrats of Bloomington Normal.

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