Rob Fazzini verbally abuses a Bloomington citizen

by:  Diane Benjamin

Is the behavior of Alderman Rob Fazzini going to be tolerated by the Bloomington City Council?

The following email was sent by Rob Fazzini to a citizen who disagrees with his petition drive to change the Bloomington City Council.  Fazzini is condescending and shows contempt for a voter and senior citizen.  The Code of Conduct, signed by Fazzini, is evidently immaterial when he has discussions with citizens he doesn’t agree with.  Here is part of the Code:

Council members should fully participate in City Council meetings and other public forums while demonstrating respect and courtesy to others, practicing civility and decorum in discussions and debate, listening courteously and attentively, and engaging in effective communication.

Council members should refrain from critical conduct, personal charges or verbal criticism upon the character, motives, ethics or morals of other members of the City Council, city staff or public.

What are the penalties for violating the Code of Conduct?  None, of course.  Will this behavior tolerated by the rest of the City Council?  What is the Council going to do about the bully Fazzini?  Fazzini needs to be publicly condemned for his antics.  Email the council and demand it:  [email protected]

Here is the email:

From: Robert Fazzini <[email protected]>
To: ‘Scott Black’ <[email protected]>; “redacted”
Cc: ‘Jim Fruin’ <[email protected]>; [email protected]
Sent: Friday, November 8, 2013 11:08 AM
Subject: “redacted”
At first your vitriolic emails were mildly annoying, but upon rereading some of them I discovered buried in the rhetoric were some valid points along with the misguided ones.  Let me share some facts regarding you most recent email.
1.      The defeat in 1979 was 2,291 for the ward system and 2,267 for the at-large system, which is hardly a resounding endorsement or rejection of either system.  The modified ward system should appear to be a compromise system that would appeal to a majority.  The only way to find out is to let the voters decide, which is our goal.
2.      Scott is absolutely correct regarding no funding for the effort to let voters decide which governance system they desire.
3.      Hopefully you take Jim up on his offer to fully explain his role in this effort.  I am disappointed that you were not willing to organize a debate to allow citizens to hear both sides of the story.  Many times it is much easier to simply complain rather than offer constructive alternatives like helping citizens understand both sides of an issue.
4.      You are correct that the Town of Normal has a totally at-large system.  There is a logical reason for that.  Do you know why?
5.      While the Town of Normal was spending $90 million, do you think the City of Bloomington was NOT spending money because the ward system was in place?  Do you not remember the BCPA which cost $14.4 million, the Coliseum for which the City of Bloomington issued a $29.5 million bond the Grove infrastructure cost to the City of Bloomington of near $10 million.
6.      By the way, perhaps you noticed that the Town of Normal is seriously considering an 11% property tax increase.  Have you noticed any conversation from Mayor Renner that the City of Bloomington is jumping on that band wagon?  I do not think so.
7.      We still have not met face to face.  I plan to attend the Mayor’s forum at 4:00 p.m. today if my earlier appointments do not run over schedule.  Perhaps you should consider coming to express your views.  I suggest that you do it at Mayor Renner has asked of everyone else, which is to do so in a respectful manner.
Robert B. Fazzini

4 thoughts on “Rob Fazzini verbally abuses a Bloomington citizen

  1. I do not see any condesending attitude or disrespect or contempt to a senior citizen in this email. The modified ward system IS a means to an end – that is for sure. If it is so bad, the voters will reject it.

    1. You wouldn’t be unhappy if you received that email implying you are clueless? Maybe I should post what happened at the Renner townhall too. He was really dejected after that experience.

      Even Dick Durbin sends back nice responses, clueless, but they don’t attack a citizens knowledge.

    2. The opening comment of Fazzini’s reply sets the tone, “At first your vitriolic emails were mildly annoying,,,,” and yes I would have to agree to the charge of a condescending attitude. And then let’s not ignore the ending of the very last sentence, “,,,which is to do so in a respectful manner.” Seriously? After setting the “vitriolic” tone of the letter Mr. Fazzini has the audacity end his email this way?

  2. Famous last words, “let the voter’s decide.” Ha! Like the aggregation vote? Let’s remember that after the voters voted and said no, council (including Fazzini) noted that the voters were uneducated and misinformed so they put it out for vote again. Here we go Fazz, keep voting until you get the vote that YOU want and then it’s okay. BTW now with this vote to save the people money with aggregation the council wants to increase utility taxes over a 5 year (maybe 10 year) time to earmark for pension contribution. Pretty sneaky, had to be the plan all along. Tell the people that you’re going to save them some money so you can turn around and take it away from them.

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