The Bloomington Power grab is NOT GRASSROOTS!

by:  Diane Benjamin

Rob Fazzini and Scott Black have been telling people the attempt to change the Ward system in Bloomington is grassroots.  Sorry guys, but you and Jim Fruin are behind this effort.   Since you are members of the Council, this isn’t grassroots.  I have the documents to prove it, want me to publish them?

The definition of grassroots is the PEOPLE!  Just because you think you can magically turn into private citizens to run a petition campaign, it doesn’t make it true.2599454

The people don’t want this because making campaigns MUCH more expensive defeats democracy.  The people didn’t ask for this, but you are costing the citizens money by pursuing this Power Grab.  How do you think they will feel about YOU?

The people didn’t want the Coliseum, but they got it anyway.  If you like referendums, maybe there should be one on EVERYTHING the Council does.  That’s how much sense your game is.  Mayor Renner needs to stop sitting on the fence.  Why should the people vote on something they didn’t ask for?  “Let the people decide”  is cover for maybe we can sneak this past them.

Rob, your campaign was started on a lie:  transparent government.  I have the names of all your co-conspirators.  I won’t hesitate to publicize them.  The citizens of Bloomington need to know who is usurping their representation.

Fruin and Black – your names are forever tied to this effort to remove representation from the people.  Unless you end this charade, your political futures are toast.  How will the citizens feel when they find out who wants to steal their representative?

How do you think a judge will feel when many of the names on your petitions are all at the same address?  Con-job comes to mind.




4 thoughts on “The Bloomington Power grab is NOT GRASSROOTS!

  1. Hey Diane !!
    Well said, you stopped them in their tracks, this ought to shake things up !! Fruin and Black are pretending to be on-looker’s , when they are in it as deep as Furr-e- weenie !!,
    I think exposing their fraud ways of campaigning will doom this operation !!

  2. Back in the day here in America, Communists were not well liked. As a matter of fact they were then and they still are today — the enemy.

  3. Of course this is a power grab. As for anyone being ‘toast’ come the next election- we will see who can actually turn out the votes. Look at the last Mayorial race to get an idea of who ACTUALLY can turn out the votes ! It is all about the kind of people that are wanted/needed on the city council by the ‘elite’ of Bloomington.

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