Non-Racism on the Bloomington City Council

by: Stanley Wonders  (Where have you been hiding Stanley?  Welcome back!)

Since Bloomington is a proud “Not in Our Town” town, surely we can never go too far to prove it!  Especially in our elected officials!  But just to BE SURE, some of them have given you the apparent ultimate PROOF.

In response to a political cartoon where in our President is shown with the caption “If I had a city, it would look like Detroit”, 2 of our honorable city councilmen, Karen Schmidt and Rob Fazzini, felt duty- bound (or something) to register that they were “offended”!?!

Why was that?  Were they appalled that the cartoon suggested local mismanagement and crushing debt at the federal level?  Or, that huge debt could and now has bankrupted our cities?  (After all, they themselves are charged with Bloomington’s fiscal state.)

No, Alderman Schmidt explained that the cartoon was not funny “as a mother of a son who is black.”  And Fuzzini logged in as agreeing “as the grandfather” of a black grandson”.  WOW.

So, would it be funny if you didn’t have a son who is black Karen?  Or Rob, would you still agree if you didn’t have a grandson who is black?

It would seem that Karen Schmidt has set the ultimate standard for non-racism and Rob Fazzini has weighed in with a strong second.  Can anyone top that?  Or is this PC one-up-man-ship?

Just to be sure, we need some way to rank our local politicians on their absence of prejudice.  Ms. Schmidt and Mr. Fazzini seem to suggest that a black direct descendant is rock solid proof, the “litmus test” as it were of non-racism.   Obviously a 10 on the 1-10 scale if you will.  Or maybe a grandson should be a 9 1/2?  Really, alderman?  How about “I have a lot of black friends”?

Oh, wait a minute, that comment is considered racist!



10 thoughts on “Non-Racism on the Bloomington City Council

  1. Frankly, I have never been one to beat around the bush or candy coat my words and I think that Obama is living proof that you can take Communism wrap it in black skin and get our country to follow it! President Bush could of NEVER pulled off the un-American/un-Constitutional decisions, executive orders and mandates that Obama has. Why? Because we have been so dumbed down by political correctness and diversity that EVERYONE is afraid of the “R” word.

    1. Yeah but Bush set the stage. And Clinton before that. And poppy Bush before that. And,,,,,,,,. We haven’t had a decent president since JFK and even he had some issues. It doesn’t matter who the “elected” one(s) is (are). It’s up to us to keep them in check and remind them that their official position does not give them free rein to do as they dam well please. Adhere to the Oath of Office to support the U.S. Constitution or resign.

  2. Karen and Fuzzy are right! Come on people, lets stop picking on black people and our white-black President! We all know the Amish and Mennonites ruined Detroit!!

      1. Oh, I “got it”, but remember, the first rule of comedy is to “be funny”. As for Detroit, the unions and the corrupt city councils over the last several decades have ruined that city. Kwame Kilpatrick and his contractor pal Bobby Ferguson , will be sentenced soon and going to the federal pen, and the rest of the City Council should be following in his footsteps. I go to Detroit often, and usually stay across the river in Windsor, Canada. Why bother dodging bullets downtown?

    1. Well mudd, I try not to even look at this American hating Communist who swore an oath twice now to uphold our Constitution of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness yet him and his left-wing Progressive (Communist) minions work overtime to destroy it and enslave We The People. Though when I do see his repulsive face I am always reminded of II Corinthians 11:14, “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”

  3. I look at Obama and I see a man. Maybe those who see him as a black man and are offended by the comment are the ones who are racist as they are the ones who feel the need to bring race in to the discussion.

    1. Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and Jackson bring race into everything they do Mudd. They are “The Great Dividers”.

  4. If Karen Schmidt is not racist, than why did she vote against the Mboka Milwabe to fill the city council seat AND vote against granting a license for a prominent black businessman downtown recently ?

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