Fly on the Wall: Cheers to Judy Stearns

I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all
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The Pantagraph hinted and the rest of the Council is trying to bury that Judy is the one who discovered paint on the historic monuments in Miller Park.  She reported that a few had been painted to the City  – but the City didn’t listen.  Later in the week the rest were painted!  So much for it being an accident.  Nice job city defacing memorials to our Veterans.

Judy is also the one who brought the deplorable conditions of the Vietnam Memorial to light.  Names can barely be read and the eternal flame is damaged.

We appreciate Judy’s devotion to Veterans!  Give her credit Pantagraph and Council!  Too bad for you that the citizens appreciate Judy consistently standing up for us.  So sorry she gets in your way!


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