Where is Mark Peterson?

By: Diane Benjamin

The former Normal City Manager isn’t sitting back enjoying retirement on his fat pension, he has a new job:


Mark is a Vice President for GovHR! Click the link above to see his glowing resume.


Mark doesn’t mention the still empty first floor of 1 Uptown Circle. He also doesn’t mention the Town’s public/private partnership with the Cornbelters. Things must not be going well there, is Rob Fazzini suing to get his investment back? Wonder why he isn’t suing Normal too – they have the money!

The Bloomington Normal Economic Development Council is looking for a new President and CEO. Guess who they hired (with your money) to find one?

Keep in mind GovHr is the same group who found David Hales for Joliet (the 4th column is population, not salary):

They found Tim Gleason from Decatur for Bloomington after a nationwide search:

And they found Pam Reece for Normal after another nationwide search:

FYI, Pam was already the Assistant City Manager under Peterson.

Anybody sensing a pattern? Recycle progressives using taxpayer money?

Maybe GovHR will find Peterson is the best fit for the EDC. It will be fun to watch.


13 thoughts on “Where is Mark Peterson?

  1. Thank God that Mr. Peterson is still able to leverage his visionary leadership and years of experience, to aid in the continued search and appointment of some of the most low IQ, unqualified, spineless political hacks who will do or say just about anything to keep their paymasters happy and their large paychecks coming, while continuing to ignore reality and spend taxpayer money by the dump truck load. My question is: When will the Town of Normal commission of bronze statue of Lord Peterson for Peterson Plaza? My idea for the statue is: Lord Peterson standing next to a pallet of 100 dollar bills while shaking the hand of his co-conspirator Mayor Koos. What better way to celebrate Lord Peterson’s accomplishments and let generations to come know who was responsible for the boondoggle called Uptown Normal?

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  2. Thanks for pointing this out Diane. It’s very similar to what is going on with trump. Nepotism, friends getting positions they haven’t earned or are not qualified for And so on

    Appreciate your hard work.


    1. Nice try. Presidents have a right to surround themselves with people they trust. This is recycling big government supporters. GovHR did such a great job vetting Hales the Joilet Council didn’t know about the Coliseum.


    2. Right – you compare this clown and the leadership here with Trump’s leadership? Does anyone around here get fired for anything? I am just amazed that anyone thinks that Lord Peterson has done a good job? I guess we have to wait until it is obvious to everyone that the Uptown boondoggle is a disaster that will cause Normal to default on it’s debt? I know, how could this happen? Just less than 3 years ago we would have never conceived of thousands of retails stores closing or our mall dying? And as the student loan bubble is near bursting and our higher education institutions continue to provide less for more, it is hard to conceive that the ISU cash cows will stop streaming into Normal every year? All the while, Peterson and Koos and the Normal taxpayers have bet the farm on ISU continuing to be the main economic driver for years to come? Nothing to see here Normal taxpayers… all is well.


      1. Oh I forgot… all those Rivian jobs, economic spinoffs and tax revenue is headed Normal’s way! I wonder when Normal can stop mowing Rivian’s lawn for them? They got all this money coming from Amazon (I will believe it when I see it) – maybe they could afford a lawn mower?


  3. TWO points here, Hey Tom, or whatever your REAL ID is. You hate TRUMP so much, and think he’s an idiot? Well, at last check he was IN CHARGE of the TWO largest private jets in the world, HIS OWN and AIR FORCE ONE! What kind of jet’s in your hangar?
    Second, I like how the “Garden fertilizer” starts in line TWO, with “Launched a ROBUST central business district”
    Normal was ALREADY a good town, they ruined it, ROBUST? Well, if you’re mining MUD, then, heck yeah, it’s gangbusters. CENTRAL?? It’s 3 blocks long, what’s NOT to be central? Maybe they should plant flowers and make GOOD USE of that “fertilizer” These “UPTOWN” folks do so much “back patting” it borders on flogging!!
    Now Tom, it’s YOUR turn to say something stupid, as I KNOW you want to..

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    1. Normal was a good town. My kids grew up going to downtown Normal (we lived close). Now.. what an upscale abomination! I try not to go there anymore. It makes me uncomfortable to see what they have done. I would just as soon remember it the way it was than “experience” what it is now. Who remembers the Gallery? Good that it is gone because it wouldn’t fit in the upscale environment now.


    2. Thanks for pointing out the real truth. These local politicians are draining every dollar out of our pockets and patting themselves on the back while destroying the towns they are suppose to be supporting. Every decision they make seems to be out of ignorance or purposeful self promotion with our money. When will taxpayers stand up to waste like those empty buses circling like wagons losing close to 1 million dollars each MONTH.

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  4. Neither would the Cellar!! and gee, NOW that the Garlic Press sells fancy popcorn, it’s ALL just HAPPY! I guess GOOD things like Abes Carmel Corn and Garcias were just 30 years ahead of UPTOWN thinking?
    Sure do miss the good old bashes like “Hester Fest” and the “Stagger Inn” or the “State Side Manor”
    And WE actually had time to go to class, not wander around with signs that have bad grammar and graphics that protest the killing of Gay Baby Hedgehogs or some such cause..
    Guess I BETTER go to ole “Mothers’ before they legalize pot and make that place get a ground floor store that’s all shiny, and don’t smell like old records, comics, t-shirts and intelligent hippies!
    IF I’m NOT too old to make it up ALL those steps.. HAHA!


  5. Everything is a fix in this town and has been for a long time. Try getting a good job and keeping it even if you are qualified. Nepotism and to he buddy system has been in force on local government, education and the corporate private sector forever. If your kids aren’t connected, you can forget it. The college admissions scam has nothing on this town and it’s power brokers.


  6. Not that I’d wish him on anyone, bit it would be great for Atlanta if they’d take Billy Bob Thomas off ours hands

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