Tell the McLean County Board THANKS

by:  Diane Benjamin

The McLean County Board is holding the line on your taxes, even decreasing them a bit!  That is great news for taxpayers enduring decreases in salaries, higher fees, higher insurance costs, and tax increases threatened by most of the rest of government.


Email addresses are available here:  Unfortunately you can’t email all of them at once.

Meanwhile, Normal raised property taxes 11%, Bloomington is planning on raising Utility and/or Gas taxes.  Unit 5 and District 87 want Sales Tax increases.

Your wallet isn’t safe.






One thought on “Tell the McLean County Board THANKS

  1. We’ll (maybe) save you money with electric aggregation and then we’ll take it all back with increase utility tax. It’s a wash. You’ll never notice. Once again, a win-win for the tax man. As for the common citizen,,,tough luck sucker!

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