Why elect Bloomington Alderman when they don’t do anything?

At last nights Bloomington City Council meeting the financial statements for the year ended 4/30/2013 were presented.  City staff and the Auditor were there to answer questions.   Only 1 person elected to the Council had questions for the Auditors – Alderwoman Judy Stearns.  She asked questions CITIZENS want answered.  Start watching the video at 20 minutes and 30 seconds to see the questions and answers.  There were NO questions from any other elected alderman.  This is more proof of the Council hiring David Hales and whatever he does is fine, no questions asked.  They don’t want to be an over-sight committee as further evidenced by their inability to resolve the solid waste questions.  The majority wants to be told how to vote, not make decisions.  Did you vote for David Hales?  Does anybody question his actions?  Is he perfect?  Evidently most of the Council thinks he walks on water and wants you to believe the same.

Side note:  7 of the members did vote for more Quality of Life spending – a study of lighting in downtown Bloomington.  Only $74,670 – lights not included.  Alderman Lower and Alderwoman Stearns were the only NOs.  Those votes are EASY for the rest of the Council!

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