A true and moving Veterans Day story

by:  Carol Davis (West Suburban Patriots) 11/11/13 Veterans Day I bartend part time at a local bowling alley — nice crowd, lots of “regulars”, not very many rowdy drunks, thank goodness. Tonight one of my customers, who happens to be active-duty military and served in the Middle East, did something that I will think about […]

Preventing Stealth Euthanasia

by:  Diane Benjamin Yes death panels exist, and yes Obamacare takes $78 billion out of Medicare.  If you still don’t believe ObamaCare is meant to limit healthcare for the “non-contributing” members of society, then why would Benedictine University hold a conference on Preventing Stealth Euthanasia? Fundamental Transformation.  Die already!

A walk down Fruin memory lane

by:  Diane Benjamin Back in May of 2011, Alderman Jim Fruin decided the Council needed a code of conduct.  Only these members signed it: Bernie Anderson Ward 1 Mboka Mwilambwe Ward 3 Jennifer McDade Ward 5 Karen Schmidt Ward 6 Rob Fazzini Ward 8 Jim Fruin Ward 9 Stephen Stockton Mayor Anderson and Stockton are […]

Tell Fazzini, Fruin, and Black to stop the power grab

by:  Diane Benjamin I noticed that Rob Fazzini is no longer calling his takeover of the Bloomington City Council “Transparent Government”.  Nice try though, typical left tactic, kind of like The Affordable Care Act which Democrats knew wasn’t close to affordable for most citizens.  Anybody had their insurance reduced $2500 yet? 2 issues I would […]

Some truth for WJBC and Pat Brady

by:  Diane Benjamin The Illinois GOP under Pat Brady gave Illinois voters very few reasons to vote Republican.  Pat would have been very happy if GOP candidates were just like  Democrats. Maybe that’s why they had to cheat to raise any money.   The Illinois GOP is now dead because they stand for NOTHING!  A […]

Bloomington is getting Obama’d

by:  Diane Benjamin I hear Rob Fazzini already has people going door-to-door getting petitions signed to steal the City Council.  He wants a modified Ward system where some members are elected at large, the remaining Wards would be huge.  The effect is to take away your alderman, the one person who represents your section of […]

Traditions no longer welcome, a speech unheeded

By State Rep. Tom Morrison  I rise today in support of natural marriage and urge my colleagues to vote no on this measure. This is an extremely emotional issue, however, we must examine this subject objectively, factually, not just with feelings. This issue is NOT just about two adults and their emotional, relational, or financial […]

Your future under ObamaCare

by:  Diane Benjamin This information was sent to me.  I blocked out the company name, it’s not important.  The Affordable Care Act affects everyone in America – get ready.  We were lied to by people who never read the bill.  I realize parts are difficult to read, but here’s the message:  “You will be paying more […]

Another reason to #DefundTheGOP

by:  Diane Benjamin The Democrats passed Dodd-Frank in response to the meltdown of 2008.  There wasn’t much in the way of free-market principles in this bill, but they did make an attempt to keep government from bailing out Wall Street.  The GOP House of Representatives just voted to overturn part of the bill, and reports […]

Remember when Barack was cool?

Remember when his first campaign was the new model for campaigning through social media?  Well, he has lost it.  He sent the following email today, but according to the Illinois elections calendar, there are NO elections in Illinois tomorrow!  How many of his uniformed voters are scrambling tonight? Friend — Decisions are made by those […]

Open the Books sued Illinois – and WON!

FORCING OPEN THE ILLINOIS STATE CHECKBOOK All public payments since 1996 soon online “We sued because the Comptroller refused to show citizens the state checkbook and the Attorney General refused to do anything about it.” State Capitol Press Conference  January 8, 2013 For The Good of Illinois, Inc v. State of Illinois, Office of Comptroller […]