More expensive to live in Bl-Normal than close cities

by:  Diane Benjamin

MANY government agencies in Bloominton-Normal want to raise your taxes.  There is talk about raising Sales Taxes, Utility Taxes, and Gas Taxes.  Some people have compared the Utility tax in Bloomington to other area cities and found it to be lower – so let’s raise it.  Maybe they should consider something else:  The overall cost of living.  How does the Bloomington-Normal area compare with surrounding towns?

From this website:

If you earn $50,000 in Bloomington, this is how much you need to earn to keep the same standard of living:

Peoria  $47,868

Champaign  $49,635

Springfield  $44,959

Decatur  $45,599

Normal   $50,006

The cost of living in Bloomington-Normal is already substantially higher than area cities.  Increasing ANY tax will make it worse.

The following information is from

Compared to Champaign-Urbana, Peoria, and Springfield, Bloomington-Normal is the most expensive place to live!  Housing and Taxes are a big part, with other necessities higher too.

Isn’t it obvious we are TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY?   

Your elected officials need to know the facts.  Just because they think they need more money doesn’t mean they are entitled to it.  Maybe what is really needed is people with business experience running government and schools instead of professional bureaucrats.

Who gets hurt the most by tax increases?  Obviously the poor that can least afford it.  Some people claim sales taxes are paid by visitors to the community.  Maybe the local citizens can’t afford to buy when they are already being squeezed with taxes.  Let’s not squeeze more.

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