Fly on the Wall: The stupidest statement ever uttered

I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all
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Spoken by  Alderman Rob Fazzini as reported in the Pantagraph:  “I want to make it more difficult to run for office because the more difficult it is to run for office, the more you want it and the more you want it the better job you’re going to do when you’re elected.”

When does the “doing a better job” start for you Rob?

How much more frivolous spending have you got on your mind?  How much more Quality of Life do you want to inflict on taxpayers?  You can’t spend money on essentials unless it’s borrowed?

If Fazzini has his way, the Bloomington City Council will be a permanent class of elitists who think everybody has tons of money.  The Council will think they are entitled to your money.  The average citizen with common sense won’t be able to compete with the local big spenders, the local Chamber of Commerce, and the Economic Development Council when they pour money into races so pro-government spenders can get elected.   Watch.  They will be supporting Fazzini in the next election.

The citizens of Bloomington need to state loud and clear – leave the Ward system alone!  At large members will represent themselves, not their neighborhood.


2 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: The stupidest statement ever uttered

  1. His banking background “expertise” has not served the best interests of the citizens. He’s simply a borrow and spend type of guy, thus to further enriching the banks. Acts as though he is motivated by getting a piece of the interest. He seems completely oblivious to the economic world around him.

  2. If Rob Fazzini and Jim Fruin want private citizen’s rights , there is nothing stopping you from it , but leave the Bloomington City Council alone,haven’t you two ripped of tax payer’s enough?

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