A walk down Fruin memory lane

by:  Diane Benjamin

Back in May of 2011, Alderman Jim Fruin decided the Council needed a code of conduct.  Only these members signed it:

Bernie Anderson Ward 1
Mboka Mwilambwe Ward 3
Jennifer McDade Ward 5
Karen Schmidt Ward 6
Rob Fazzini Ward 8
Jim Fruin Ward 9
Stephen Stockton Mayor

Anderson and Stockton are now gone, but the rest remain.

Point 1 of the Code is:

Council members should support the right of every citizen to full and equal participation in the democratic process within the City of Bloomington.

Funny, Fruin and Fuzzini have teamed up to LIMIT citizen participation by changing the Ward system.   Scott Black wasn’t a member of the council in 2011, wonder if he would sign today.

Point 4 of the Code is:

Council members should not solicit or knowingly accept any type of financial contribution from any ownership, principal, officer, or management person for which the City of Bloomington conducts business. This would include the City of Bloomington itself, as well as all vendors, suppliers, service providers, union organizations, political action groups, etc. Acceptance of “other” political campaign donations within existing State of Illinois law is permissible.

Still no answers from Fazzini about who is funding his efforts to destroy individual representation on the Council, but we know the Chamber of Commerce, League of Women Voters,  and Labor Unions are involved.  Fazzini wants their help getting petitions signed.

Point 8 if for Fazzini:

Council members should refrain from critical conduct, personal charges or verbal criticism upon the character, motives, ethics or morals of other members of the City Council, city staff or public.

Rob has no problem criticizing members of the Council who don’t vote the same as he does.  He loves to jab members for not supporting “the kids” or some other pet project of his.  Aldermen who think taxpayer money is for protecting citizens by funding police and fire, funding pensions, and maintaining good infrastructure are vilified by Fazzini on a regular basis.  Attend meetings or watch the videos on the Internet for examples.

How about Point 11 Fazzini and Fruin?

Council members should respect established channels of communication with City staff, treat staff members professionally, and should not attempt to pressure or influence discussions, recommendations, work schedules or department priorities without the consensus direction of the City Council. Council members should not participate in the meetings of advisory boards and commissions with regard to matters that will come before the City Council.

I know who you meet with Rob.  Do the other members of your cabal?  Since your proposal is about the City Council and the Council could vote to put it on the ballot, sure looks like a violation!

Finally, 3rd point from the bottom:

Council members should always keep in mind in their discussions and decision making that their responsibility is to plan not just for the present time, but with the focused view and commitment on the long-term quality of life for all neighborhoods in the entire community.

The goal of Fazzini’s At-Large plan is to remove individual representation on the Council.  There’s that Quality-of-Life thing again.  Evidently being the highest taxed city in the area with rotten roads, crumbling infrastructure, and massive unfunded pensions was the goal.  Present goal accomplished Rob.  Now they want more power by creating centralized authority.   I wonder if the borrowing and taxing will be called stimulus?

The Modified-Ward system is nothing more than trying to eliminate dissent by those pesky conservatives who get in the way with facts and common sense.  Anybody want to guess who’s wards will be re-drawn if their plans pass?  Below is the entire Code of Conduct.  It’s obvious that being an individual representing the residents of your ward is frowned upon if you have an opinion contrary to the rest of the Council.  So much for Democracy.



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