Tell Fazzini, Fruin, and Black to stop the power grab

by:  Diane Benjamin

I noticed that Rob Fazzini is no longer calling his takeover of the Bloomington City Council “Transparent Government”.  Nice try though, typical left tactic, kind of like The Affordable Care Act which Democrats knew wasn’t close to affordable for most citizens.  Anybody had their insurance reduced $2500 yet?

2 issues I would bet these three can’t answer:

  1. What purpose does it serve to make running for City Council vastly more expensive?  Fazzini thinks it should be more expensive to run, because then only people who really want to run will.  I think only the rich will be able to run, that’s closer to his circumstance.
  2. What purpose does it serve to eliminate personal representation on the council with the current Ward system?  Maybe they don’t WANT to hear from citizens!  All of Normal’s Council members are elected at-large, they then made rules that make it next to impossible for citizens to speak at Council meetings.  If you didn’t know, they are being investigated by the Attorney General because an Open Meetings Act violation was filed against them based on their barring citizens.  (not filed by me)

Now a some new players have entered the field.  Former Alderman Steve Purcell, for one.  Is an At-Large candidacy his ticket back on the Council?  Then, 2 local Bank presidents are supporting the idea. Think, think. Why would  Bank presidents support centralizing power away from the people?  Elitists attitude?   To encourage government spending so their banks can profit?  Watch the Letters to the Editor.  A clear map of supporters who claim the people should decide will be exposed as the behind the scenes power grabbers.

Back in 1979 the City Council wanted to change to an At-Large system.  The people voted for a Ward system instead.  They evidently think the current citizens of Bloomington aren’t as smart now, so they will try again.  How long before they say Modified isn’t good either, let’s go all At-Large?2580216

Since the Transparent Government argument fell to the truth, exactly why do they want to take your rights of representation away?

The only other point they state is a Modified-Ward system would help eliminate arguments about where in the city money should be spent.  Check the Council votes in Normal.  Almost ALL of them are unanimous.  Most members of the Bloomington City Council think their votes should all be unanimous too.  Is this governing?  Politics is supposed to be debate and negotiating.  Electing more people to rubber stamp spending is a threat to your financial status and the future viability of Bloomington.  Obviously that’s what happened to the former almost debt free Town of Normal.  The big money will be backing the rubber stampers.  Either open your wallet or start informing your neighbors about the hostile takeover in progress.


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One thought on “Tell Fazzini, Fruin, and Black to stop the power grab

  1. I agree…it’s a power grab. It’s tough enough to get elected to the council unless you have lots of money and support…so the little guy who is really “serious” about being an Alderman rarely has a chance. Kevin Lower got lucky…they tried to keep him out, but they failed. Renner won the Mayoral race because he raised $75,000, and unfortunately, most of the money was not local. Fazzini has got to go! He’s trouble…

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