Some truth for WJBC and Pat Brady

by:  Diane Benjamin

The Illinois GOP under Pat Brady gave Illinois voters very few reasons to vote Republican.  Pat would have been very happy if GOP candidates were just like  Democrats. Maybe that’s why they had to cheat to raise any money.   The Illinois GOP is now dead because they stand for NOTHING!  A few GOP individuals still have conservative values, but funding the Illinois GOP would be easier if you just write a check to the Democrats.

This morning Brady was on WJBC with Scott and Colleen.  The conversation eventually got to the Virginia governor’s race this week where Democrat Terry McAuliffe defeated conservative Ken Cuccinelli by 2 points.  Brady claimed Cuccinelli was a far right candidate, and that’s why he lost.  Brady needs some facts instead of proclaiming being conservative is killing the GOP.  Of course Brady was a lobbyist for gay marriage in Illinois – he’s an expert on being conservative.  I wonder if he will lobby for polygamy  next.  Don’t they have rights to equality too?

Here’s some facts for the low information crowd:

  • Big money donors deserted Cuccinelli because he opposed the rail system being built to Washington DC for billions of taxpayer dollars.  The Chamber of Commerce WANTS govrnment spending. (sound like the locals?)
  • Cuccinelli was out-spent by $15 million dollars
  • Cuccinelli had no money for advertising the entire last week
  • Chris Christie refused to campaign with Cuccinelli in Virginia
  • National RNC money was cut off October 1st.  They spent less than $3 millions dollars.  In the last governor’s race they spent $9 million when the GOP candidate was an easy winner
  • GOP Majority Leader Cantor’s Ex-Chief of staff worked for the McAuliffe campaign

And then this from the Washington Post:

Gov.-elect Terry McAuliffe’s unexpectedly slim victory in Virginia set off an explosion of recriminations among Republicans on Wednesday, and rather than settling the battle between the GOP’s tea party and business factions, the election appears to have deepened the internal divide.

If lessons emerged from Tuesday’s vote, they were almost instantly lost in the volley of finger-pointing that began even before the polls closed. Republican Ken Cuccinelli II’s narrow loss, despite what opinion surveys had consistently called a comfortable lead for McAuliffe, left the candidate’s camp accusing national party organizations of abandoning their man in the closest major race in the nation this year.

Party officials said it was Cuccinelli who had failed to raise money from mainstream Republican sources skeptical of his hard-line rhetoric and uncompromising conservatism.

“The lesson is that a party divided is going to lose,” said Pete Snyder, a Northern Virginia technology entrepreneur who served as Cuccinelli’s finance chairman. “The Democrats weren’t happy with their candidate, but they were united. Ken Cuccinelli had to deal with Melrose Place.”

Read the whole article here:

The GOP has proven since before the Reagan days that conservatism is not welcome.  Cuccinelli, the first Attorney General to fight and win against ObamaCare at the Supreme Court, didn’t lose because he is conservative.  He lost because the GOP is not.





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