Remember when Barack was cool?

Remember when his first campaign was the new model for campaigning through social media?  Well, he has lost it.  He sent the following email today, but according to the Illinois elections calendar, there are NO elections in Illinois tomorrow!  How many of his uniformed voters are scrambling tonight?

Friend —

Decisions are made by those who show up. That is never truer than on Election Day. And in Illinois, people like you have some important decisions to make.

The polls open tomorrow morning, which means it’s time to step up, make a plan for how you’re going vote, and stick to it.

Commit to vote now:



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3 thoughts on “Remember when Barack was cool?

  1. My wife and I never thought Obama was cool. When he first ran for Illinois Senate and we heard him speak with his hyped up promises I looked at my wife and said “con-job” and she said, “yes, he tells everyone what they want to hear.” So we supported Alan Keyes because we knew he was a real-deal patriot. Obama from the start of his political career has never fooled us. Since finding out more about his corrupt, American hating, terrorist connections we have only learned to despise the creep! He has shown nothing but disrespect for OUR Constitution, OUR American Heritage and OUR Christian values so we have NO respect for him!!!!

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