Bloomington: getting your money’s worth?

by:  Diane Benjamin

There are 77,733 residents in Bloomington

Soldier Field holds 61,600 people.  If Bloomington residents went to Soldier Field, held all the babies and small children, the entire town could squeeze in.  Moral of the story:  Bloomington isn’t a big place!2656590

The City spends around $169,000,000 per year.

That’s $2174 per person.

$4348 per couple

$8696 per family of 4

They still need more tax money!  Utility and/or Gas Tax increases coming.

Are you getting your money’s worth?






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  1. Wondering why all the retirement’s, see now Barb Adkins is retiring, is this part of Tari Renners , arranging?

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