Is Mayor Renner lying about Scott Oglesby?

by:  Diane Benjamin

Police Officer Scott Oglesby was fired was fired in 2011.  An arbitrator ruled the firing was unjust, but the City via Todd Greenburg appealed. Meanwhile, Scott is still out of work unjustly.  The City has no case, but Mayor Renner has told me he doesn’t have the votes on the City Council to reinstate him.

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Scott Oglesby deserves a public vote.  The citizens of Bloomington deserve a public vote.  Both deserve to know who on the City Council will vote to waste more taxpayer money by pursuing this case.  Or, is David Hales blocking the vote?  The Bloomington Police do not have a good working relationship with Hales, is this just spite on Hales part?  Getting a vote would go a long way to restoring the confidence of the Bloomington Police with the City they work for.

Eventually Scott will be reinstated with a ton of back pay.  For now the citizens of Bloomington are racking up debt without the benefit of Scott doing his job.

Demand Mayor Renner and David Hales prove they don’t have the votes so the citizens know who to blame for this continuing charade!

Email them: [email protected]

Council, are you going to vote by email to see who wants Scott on the next agenda?  The Attorney General would love it!





3 thoughts on “Is Mayor Renner lying about Scott Oglesby?

  1. You are a true idiot. A police investigation found Oglesby assaulted this special needs child and he was rightly fired. He was also indicated as a child abuser by DCFS. He should NEVER be a cop EVER again

    1. You are asking all the wrong questions! Why does a GRADE SCHOOL need a Police Officer? Why do citizens have to pay to warehouse these out of control kids? Maybe the parents who can’t control their kids should be required to attend school with them. If you bothered to read the report, everyone involved testified before an arbitrator. The arbitrator found the kid was NOT picked up by the neck and had no marks on him. If you choose to believe rumors, even from the parents of an out of control kid, it’s your problem.

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