Inflammatory and derogatory comments welcome

by:  Diane Benjamin

People who comment on the internet should really know some facts.  Just because you create 3 different email addresses, so you think you look like 3 different people, doesn’t make it true.  It also doesn’t mean I don’t know who you are.  Sorry buddy, but IP and email addresses can be traced.  Sorry you aren’t intelligent to know that.

This weekend the same person commented 3 times using these 3 email addresses and names.  I hope there is a Floyd Hayward out there and he is personally offended at being used by you.

Floyd Hayward
[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

The IP addresses are all the same, so they obviously came from the same person.  The comments will not be approved for posting, there is no value in posting vulgar language.

It’s very enlightening though to hear from people who hate me.  Telling the truth and not towing the GOP line is threatening to the establishment, or at least the people trying to be GOP leadership.  Being attacked means I’m on the right track.  Thanks, I appreciate it.

Rest assured, I know who you are and I’m keeping the comments in a safe place!




5 thoughts on “Inflammatory and derogatory comments welcome

  1. There is no room for phonies on email, pretending to be someone else, hope you are caught and prosecuted !!

  2. Rob Ford for President 2016!!!
    We need a real Canadian to run our country… not Ted (the fascist) Cruz

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