Run, recruit, or don’t complain

Obama’s bad. Madigan’s bad. Quinn’s bad.

 I get it.

If you’re the kind of person who would like to do something productive in response to bad Democrats, beyond just preaching to a self-selected choir on Facebook, then run for Republican Precinct Committeeman – or at least help recruit.

There are currently 6,407 precincts in Illinois. And that doesn’t even include Cook County, which is the only county in the state which doesn’t elect Precinct Committeemen. (Cook has a unique legal structure as explained below.)

Of those 6,407 precincts: 3,142 had no one running for Republican Precinct Committeeman in 2012. So there’s now a 49% statewide vacancy rate for the elected ranks. 

Across the state, there are hundreds of new committeemen. People like us.  But there are still hundreds open, with only 6 days to submit signatures (only 10 required).


The Republican establishment is not happy. In reviewing the state, each of the counties/precincts fare differently.


But here’s what I know. If you want to make a difference, find 1 or 2 committeemen NOW.  It is EASY!

IF you don’t know your precinct committeeman – RUN NOW. 

He or She isn’t doing the job or the seat is empty

Your 1 voice will make a difference in elections!

You get to elect local GOP leaders and kick out the RINOs

Email Chris Gramm for a petition:  [email protected]





One thought on “Run, recruit, or don’t complain

  1. I recently sent an E-Mail to the Mayor and all council members (Town of Normal). Only Ms. Reece sent me a reply. She still missed my point.
    I wanted the mayor and council to re-consider the fact that they feel No Cuts could be made in the coming budget and the Tax Factor for the Town of Normal would need to be increased. I pointed out that there were “Warm and Fuzzy” items that could be cut out. IE: $500,000 to help ISU with the cost of a football score board, $700,000 + for land and a house by Underwood Park, and the new motel project in “Uptown” Normal wants an additional $500,000 from Normal to help pay for development cost.

    I went on to explain that tax payers have to live within a budget and if there is not ample funds for “Warm and Fuzzy” items then we do not have them. Government needs to do the same.

    I further noted that my taxes, which I live in the typical house, have gone up a total of $245 over the past 6 years based on the tax factors of the 9 taxing bodies. Now an extra $60 per year sends the total over $300 per year.

    I asked again that the council look at the budget before they raise the tax factor.

    As I stated above, Ms. Reece was the only one that made a comment. Basically, her comments stated that this was only a $5 per month increase. Heck, I already new that and pointed that out in my comments. Nothing was really noted about the fact that monies were spent or promised for a score board and other “Warm and Fuzzies”.

    I think most of Government think the tax payers are un-informed and do not know what they really need. So Government can certainly do a better job. Trust Us

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