Democratic Senator feeling the heat

  • Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana is running a Facebook ad in an attempt to save her seat from slaughter in the 2014 election.
    The Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect, but its hope and promise are certainly something worth fighting for. That’s why I introduced legislation to let those told they would be able to retain their plan keep it — but also ensure policyholders get an explanation from their insurance company on how their current policy does not meet the new minimum coverage standards. Show that you stand with me to fix the ACA and make it work. 
    It looks like it’s not working.  Here are some of the comments to her post, these are not edited , only copied:
    James Lukes Get rid of it before it bankrupts the US, or is it too late already?
  • Terry Gallian Are you nuts!!!
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  • Mark Forrer mary,i hope you enjoy the unemployment line next year….
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  • Larry Christesson Here we go….begging for more money. OH, if you will just give me $5, $10, $25, $50, $100……SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Bill McDonald Way to backpeddle Mary, just think, after the next election you will be one of the “fortunate” citizens who must participate in the ACA. HA HA.
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  • David Harman It cant be fixed, it needs to be discarded…
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  • David Harman Oh, 630 million and 3 years cant make a website work!
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  • George Bob Bookout Please Lady, REALLY.
  • Gary Meschede ^^^^maybe 12 years and a billion.might get you pass the first a taxidermist and i could build a better web sight for a few million and i dont know squwat about building.give it cant be fixed and you know quit begging for votes on face book
  • Jay D. Peek The fix is easy. Fire Obummers sorry ass!
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  • Chris Whodat Boulet Mary Landrieu is Aide to the usurper Obama. What they are doing is evil. Obamacare is not about healthcare. It’s about govt control of the people.
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  • Shawn Swafford fix obama care? ma’am, you spend all day shinning a dog turd, but at the end of the day…
    it’s still just a pile of dog turd.
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  • Deana Forrer The only fix for obamacare is the trashcan.
  • Jerry Sawchuk Running for cover. She new what was going to happen. Hopefully they will pay at the midterms
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  • Thomas Boiani Let me see, Yep stupid plan. you need to do the math. Will You and the rest of congress be on the plan? 40 million supported by 40 million. Add thousand of more government workers to monitor the plan. Who pays for that? Spend a Billion dollars to get it running.
  • George Lala Right, I dont think so, wanna help? Get rid of it all together…then lets talk
  • Jackie Chambers She’s worried about her ass,not the people!!
  • Robert Gaver Yes covering your ass.
  • Rick Bunker f..k you
  • David Chelmo Next time read the law before you pass it. The law forced them to drop peoples plans!
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  • Freda Ellis Burks The law put a spotlight on policies with inadequate coverage. Good for you for wanting companies to explain their policies!
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  • Sue Hinson You were bought and paid for and now you own this bill that hurts those in this country that were still trying to do the right thing.
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  • Tony Mcintire You made your bed Mary baby, now sleep in it!!!!!!!!
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  • Philip McClung GET RID OF IT !!!!
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  • Robert McClanahan Where is the “I’m annoyed by liberal crap” button on Facebook?
  • Greg Claywell I can sense a little worry in your plea for help!
  • Mike Eaton how about we simply get rid of those who promoted it like you mary…
  • George Cappello “isn’t perfect” is a huge understatement
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  • Joe Hartkopf YOU and the act need to go!!!!!!!!!
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  • Jimmy Flaming F**k you and ObamaCare! Keep your damn nose out of our business!
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  • Thomas Quigley FUCK YOU SELL OUT!!!
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  • Craig A. Courtney You sold your vote for 300 million that Louisiana citizens will never see because Bobby Jindal declined the money because it had too many strings attached to it and it would have bankrupt the state’s Medicaid system….
    You screwed over Louisiana and the country. You can start by admitting that to the voters.
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  • Julia Burden I am in the healthcare business. We saw from the very beginning that this was a horrible plan (the parts that we could understand). Just wait until the “Employer Mandate” kicks in. I have had to lay-off ten people so far. We have a great health plan for our employees, but it will be jettisonned to the ego of the president next year. Shame on you.
  • Eric Sjol fuckin’ cow, repeal and burn it !!!
  • Andrew Hazelton Fix this piece of garbage? Easier just to impeach a corrupt president and the senators that lied to us (like Mary Landrieu), imprison them for crimes against the constitution (treason), and send you all to Gitmo with the other terrorists of your ilk.
  • James Regan Too bad you couldn’t read it, before you passed it!
  • Scott Hartford Fix it by voting you out!!!
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  • Brian Mc Du I’m so tired of being lied to by these corrupt pols………..
  • Emory Shover Can’t fix stupid!! Bad law. Bad legislation. BAD POLITICIANS! SHAME ON YOU ALL!! Did you ever read your kids report cards? Or just sign them blindly?? Never mind, I already know the answer!
  • Fred Smith The people have spoken!!!
  • Derrick Davis well you see Emory.. being kids of politicians they were able to convince their parents that the F they got stood for FANTASTIC and not failure.
  • George White First she broke it and now she wants to fix it??? Maybe she should start thinking for herself for a change. Mary is just a bobblehead for Harry Reid.
  • Grady Burnett Hell no, you also are a liar.
  • Bruce Fritsch Liar ! You supported this. We have to pass the law before we read it. Once we pass it you will like it! Insanity. The law was written to force insurance companies to drop the plans. Who are you to tell me my plan was not good enough? It was working fine and met my families needs. Now I have to pay double for things I don’t need or will ever use? Affordable Care ? You are a joke. While you are fixing it will you please make sure you and all the fellow crooks & liars in Washington have to be part of this Unaffordable Health Care Plan? If it is so great for us peasants. then you and all your buddies and even the President should be on this plan. I’ll be watching to see if you make this part of the fix, because we certainly want you and your family to share in this great Health Care Plan.
  • Richard Wogoman You bitch; the standards are the problem (we were not told “if” but “period” – you think we are that stupid as to believe that your legislation means a damn thing?
  • Kevin Walsh Fuck off!!
  • Judith Wittels Take you head out of your other place there is no promise or hope worth a grain of salt that Barry has made just more race division, more poor , more with out hope. He is a bad man.

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