Comment from a Marxist? Communist? Clueless?

by:  Diane Benjamin

This comment was left to the story with JFK’s inaugural address.  The story was meant to show how different JFK was from today’s Democrats.

Here’s the comment:

Albert H. commented on Before Marxists took over the Democrat Party

I would argue that the GOP has moved much farther from the middle than the Democrats have since JFK. The proof lies within this hate-filled, conspiracy-led blog that you have here. You and your followers are the embodiment of the extreme right-wing fascists who want to control everything in this country.

Albert, you first need to look up what fascism is:

: a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government

: very harsh control or authority

Please point out where I advocate for any control of people lives.  Then tell me where I want to limit disagreement with government!  I’m sure readers are now laughing since DISAGREEMENT WITH GOVERNMENT is the main purpose of this site.

Do some more research on the role of government.  This site is devoted to LIMITED GOVERNMENT and fiscal responsibility.  These 2 things are what made America great and, by not adhering to these values, are destroying it today.  The GOP may give lip service to limited government, but they do exactly the opposite.

Government is NOT smarter than the people.  Government is not needed to control every aspect of our lives.  Government steals money from the citizens to complete agendas, then they have to steal more to fix the mess they made.   Do some more research on the promises made when income taxes were created, then research Social Security, then Medicare.  Government has created massive unfunded liabilities and gifted them to future generations.  Evidently you don’t have a problem with that.  Ask your kids or grandkids if they do!

I am no fan of the GOP.  Search GOP.

Neither party represents the people.  Your comments are very entertaining though.  I see the same thing on left-wing sites everyday.  Thanks for visiting.  The country is moving toward Liberty, don’t get left behind Albert.






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