Associated Press and Pantagraph Mis-speak

by:  Diane Benjamin

The Pantagraph printed an AP story today titled “Democrats vote to nix filibuster rules”.  It doesn’t come close to telling the whole story.  It doesn’t mention the hypocrisy of Democrats who stood in the Senate chambers in 2005 and predicted the end to the country if the Republicans ending the filibuster.  The speakers included then Senator Barack Obama, Senator Harry Reid, and Senator Dick Durbin.  Fortunately they are all on video.  Does the AP really think they can cover for all the lies told by politicians?  Maybe just the Democratic ones.

Here’s a bigger problem:  the article was written by Alan Fram of the Associated Press.  On the Associate Press website the story has a different title:  SENATE DEMS CURB FILIBUSTER, RISK FUTURE PROBLEMS.  The Pantagraph story doesn’t mention much about the Republicans having the same power when they re-take the Senate.  It doesn’t mention the toxic environment the Democrats just intensified.  The Pantagraph story leans heavily toward blaming Republicans for blocking all the appointments by the President, which also isn’t accurate, but that’s another story.

The 2 stories, supposedly written by the same guy on the same topic have little in common.  Is there one story published for a website and another one for newspapers?  Did the Pantagraph re-write the story to reflect their ideology?

Here is the link to the original AP story:

It’s clear the Pantagraph isn’t telling the whole story, on purpose? – who knows.  Getting news from a variety of sources is the only way to determine the truth.  Neither story mentions the rule overturned by Senate Democrats yesterday was written by Thomas Jefferson.  The Pantagraph mentioned a smaller change in 1975, but ignored Jefferson.  Isn’t changing the rules in place since the 1700’s a little bigger deal Pantagraph?

Mis-speak?  I prefer Lies.






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