Why the Whig Party fell and why the GOP is next

by:  Diane Benjamin

The Whig Party was founded in 1834, most historical accounts say they organized to combat the “tyranny” of President Andrew Jackson.  By 1854 they were gone.  The Whigs were split over slavery.  The anti-slavery segment then founded the Republican Party, in Wisconsin, to oppose the spread of slavery in the new western territories.  The Whig party was divided, so they failed.  The Democratic Party was divided in the election of 1860, thus the election of Abraham Lincoln.  Within 6 weeks, southern states began succeeding from the Union.

Today the GOP is divided between supporters of big government and the libertarian leaning wing who support small government principles and individual responsibility.  The Republican Party of 1860 had wide support in northern states, the Democrat Party in the south.  Today there are no clear lines dividing the country, so the battle exists in every state.

The last 2 month battle over ObamaCare is a clear example of the fight brewing.  Republicans were willing to vote to overturn the law every time it had no consequences.  The GOP House voted to repeal over 40 times, but caved when the going got a little rough.  The GOP leadership has no coherent speakers with the ability to convey principles and values.  Even the President knew since 2010 private insurance market would be destroyed – it was planned.  The exchanges wouldn’t work unless all those private plan were put in the exchanges to support lower costs for the very sick.  We haven’t seen the end of cancellations yet because the employer mandate was suspended for a year.  The Democrats are evidently unaware the notices for the next wave will be starting before the 2014 election.  They are on a course for a more massive landslide than 2010.

Today the extreme right-wing, as everybody who doesn’t value freedom and liberty likes to call us, has choices to make.  We have elected many good people to Congress, we have real leaders in the Senate: Sen Ted Cruz, Sen Mike Lee, and Sen Rand Paul.  We have real leaders in the House:  Rep Louie Gohmert and Rep Trey Gowdy to name a few.  We also have many individuals who lied to get elected or were coerced by leadership once they got to Washington, Adam Kinzinger comes to mind.  We have seen the GOP lose election after election by nominating “moderates” who stand for very little and do nothing to inspire allegiance and faith in restoring a Constitutional government.

The National GOP and the Illinois GOP have declared war on the people who believe in limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets.  The people who believe we are Taxed Enough Already are unwelcome.  The Republican Party is divided.  The Republican party will fail.  Illinois and the United States can not survive with 2 political parties who believe the same things, only disagreeing on the speed of change.  The Democratic Party has destroyed itself by inflicting extreme pain on the American people.  The Republican Party is also to blame because they did nothing to stop it, maybe even helped.

We The People must decide whether to keep attempting to reform the GOP, or just let them die.  We can start over with candidates who support our values.  It doesn’t take millions of dollars, it takes people willing to spread the message.  It takes involved citizens willing to sacrifice for future generations.  It takes getting of the couch and walking for liberty candidates.  Illinois is the perfect place to start.  With Democrats in complete control of government and the destruction of the State imminent,  we have nothing to lose.  This fight has been happening for decades, but for the last 5 years it has been intense.  It will end when the establishment GOP is either defeated or ceases to exist.

Make no mistake, this fight is LOCAL too.

Are you In or Out?




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