Paying attention to what your kids are doing in school yet?

From Patriot Nation’s Facebook page:

This was submitted by a follower of this page. His child brought this home from school. It’s an assignment for his 7th grade class over Thanksgiving break at Jack Margarita Middle School in Temecula, CA.

Explain to me why schools aren’t to teach about Christianity or Jesus, but they’re allowed to speak about the pedophile known as Muhammad and the cult known as Islam.

If you don’t like my commentary regarding Islam or Muhammad, you can go straight to hell and say hello to him when you get there!



3 thoughts on “Paying attention to what your kids are doing in school yet?

  1. OK… now you have just proved that this is one of the most bigoted blogs on the internet. I would expect seeing this kind of post on a White Supremacist site. Not on a blog that advocates for lower taxes and less government.

    1. Show me a public school project where the assignment is to design a monument to Christian contributions to the world and I will take the post down. I guarantee you won’t find one!

    2. I am against pedophilia and killing Christians and Jews as a form of worship. If Darell is for that, then he is the bigot, my guess is he is ignorant of Islamic Civilization, and ignorant of Western Civilization as well. Must be the public school education.

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