More Fazzini Lunacy

by:  Diane Benjamin

I’m really not in the mood to work for free today, but a friend sent me Alderman Rob Fazzini’s latest Ward 8 Report.  Evidently he thinks people are going to be impressed.  See what you think:


During July the time I spent on city council activities was 84.0 hours bring the average YTD to 72.3 hours, which converts to an average hourly compensation of $5.19 based on the annual pay of $4,500.  As an aside, my campaign team collected $14,585 in donations to finance my winning election campaign in 2011.  In my losing effort in 2007,  the total in donations to finance the election campaign was $2,900.  Therefore, it cost $17,485 to finance the two campaigns, while the pay for serving four years will be $18,000.  Hmmmm.

Poor Rob.  Maybe he needs a history review:

Robert B. Fazzini (NON)
 43.59%     649
Eric Decossas (NON)
 33.51%     499
Mary L. Kramp (NON)
 22.90%     341

This is the actual vote from the 2011 election.  Voter turnout was a dismal 10%.  You had 2 opponents, both conservatives.  If either one of then had stepped back so as not to split the vote, Bloomington wouldn’t have suffered for 4 years under your mostly convoluted leadership.  Since you like numbers so much, you paid $22.47 per vote.  You also had an insider at Westminster Village.   Campaigning isn’t allowed there, so having a resident to campaign for you didn’t hurt.  That won’t be happening in future elections since that resident is no longer there.  2 conservatives garnered  56.41% to your 43.59%.  You never had a mandate, you just act like you do.

Rob then goes on to list his 84 hours of Council activity.  Here’s some highlights:

Joined other Bloomington elected officials to celebrate the July 4 Sky Concert at Miller Park Pavilion Balcony.

Joined History Museum board members at a summer celebration hosted by Executive Director Greg Koos and Carol Koos at their home.

Volunteered with Lynne selling concessions at the Normal Theater.

Had dinner with representatives from the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center.

Attended with Lynne a Back Yard BBQ hosted by the Dorris and Buragas families for U. S. Senator Dick Durbin.

Hosted a coffee meeting with a former Bloomington Alderman and a candidate in the next election for a Bloomington Alderman seat.

Attended the Welcome Reception for the 5th Multi Cultural Leadership Program class as the current MCLP Advisory Council Chairman.

Did two WGLT interviews regarding the Paradigm BioAviation project status and another regarding elected officials and their favorite Broadway Plays.

Had lunch with Lynne and past Bloomington Mayor Judy Markowitz and her son Scott.

Rob listed a total of 21 items.  He considers these 9 “council activities”.  What do you think?

Rob went on to recap some of the Council votes.  He happily pointed out the No votes taken by Aldermen Stearns and Lower.  What do you think he is saying:

July 14, 2014 meeting:  Consent Agenda passed unanimously after three items were pulled.  I pulled and recused myself from the discussion regarding the proposal to award Republic Services the Disposal of Spoils and Excavation because of my role as a consultant for Paradigm BioAviation, and it passed unanimously.  Alderman Lower pulled two items, and they both passed with only Alderman Lowe and Stearns casting negative votes.  Regular Agenda had two items for voting, which both passed unanimously.

July 28, 2014 meeting:  Consent Agenda passed unanimously after two items were pulled by Alderman Lower both of which passed with negative votes from Alderman Lower and Stearns on both and Alderman Schmidt on one.  Regular Agenda had no items requiring a vote.

 The only part of his Ward 8 Report I agreed with was his closing comments:

Now that all City Council meeting are available for viewing in entirety by citizens and the Mayor holds an open house for any citizen to attend on the Friday afternoon before each City Council meeting, everyone has an opportunity to participate in government.  I would encourage all of you receiving this email to take advantage of either or both opportunities, or even better to attend the City Council meetings in person.  You are all welcome!

If you are a big Dick Durbin fan, I’m sure you love Fazzini.  Both are elitist big government guys who are so much smarter than everybody else (in their own minds!).  I’d like to give both a history lesson on government.



2 thoughts on “More Fazzini Lunacy

  1. Who is the person he had coffee with who was a former Bloomington Alderman and candidate for alderman seat in the next election?

    This report is not nearly as outrageous as some of the other ones he’s sent. I get them every month and put my boats on every time before reading. I call them Rob tributes because the person most impressed with Rob Fazzini is Rob Fazzini.


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