Tari has a potted plant to replace Stearns

by:  Diane Benjamin

Amelia Doris Buragas declared she is running for Bloomington City Council next year in Ward 4.   The seat is currently held by Judy Stearns.

It’s not a secret that Tari will do whatever it takes to fund his agenda.  Tari doesn’t want to be questioned.  Judy Stearns gets in his way with common sense questions and proposals.  He wants her gone!

Amelia is the daughter of a local downtown attorney David Doris, she works at the same firm.  Funny how the Pantagraph announcement left the daughter part out.  Are you covering up something Pantagraph?  Did you think citizens might not like a downtown attorney’s daughter voting on spending policies?  Do you think she might vote to spend a lot of money downtown?  Trying not to scare voters off?  Her dad has given big money to Democrats – think that might scare voters too?

If Stearns decides to run next year and is defeated by Buragas, citizens won’t have to attend or watch council meetings.  There won’t be any serious discussions about spending, Lower won’t be allowed to talk, every proposal will be passed 8-1.  It won’t matter what citizens think.  It barely matters now.

Maybe citizens will realize Sage, Schmidt, and Painter represent Tari, not them.  Maybe citizens will realize anybody Tari recruits isn’t going to say no to his spending schemes.  Maybe . . .

Yes, this is Amelia:



Amelia Facebook post:

One more from Amelia’s Facebook:
She’s one of 42 members of a group called:
Committee for Responsive Government Bloomington IL
Looks like the main poster on the site is Mike Matejka





4 thoughts on “Tari has a potted plant to replace Stearns

  1. Wasn’t David Dorris the rich lib that hosted John Edwards at his farm and said he would be the next president of the US? Yikes!!!

  2. Not trying to downplay the fact that she is a liberal, but the Committee for Responsive Government Bloomington IL is a now non-active facebook group that was only for standing against the ward system change. Yes it was Mike Matejka that started it, but it was seriously only for that and has yet to carry a single comment since it won.

    I just don’t want that misunderstanding to confuse the rest of the report.

      1. Yes, it never went beyond that under any circumstances. It’s an extreamly vauge title for a group

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