Was Mayor Renner covering up the Truth about the Coliseum?

by Diane Benjamin

The Pantagraph story on the repairs at the Coliseum didn’t sound like the situation was serious.  Obviously it was since the City paid laborers weekend rates to start fixing the problem.

Mayor Renner gave a lot more details on WGLT radio:  http://wglt.org/wireready/news/2013/12/07602_coliseum_ventilation_web_155703.shtml

“It was really disappointing that a building this new would have these kinds of problems with ventilation. We aren’t sure though at this point who to go after to recover our costs for this. It’s not clear where the responsibility lies.” Renner says there is no precise cost estimate for needed changes, but that it will certainly be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Of course it isn’t clear who is responsible.  Only government makes sure it’s nobody’s fault.


10 thoughts on “Was Mayor Renner covering up the Truth about the Coliseum?

  1. Remember when they first built this place they had to add major work to the roof as the initial bid didn’t include venting? Lol! Or how about when it first opened, it opened (some how) with reportedly a 100 or so code violations? Simple solution, sue the contractors! Or better yet, the city should refuse to do business with the contractor in the future unless they step up to the plate and fix it.


  2. When the Coliseum was built work for Unions was slow, Mike Matejka was the driving force in getting the Coliseum started ,Bill Johnson was General Contractor, the main building was built on soft surface, several pilings had to be driven to support the building, its no wonder that they found so many code violations, remember it was said by Tom Hamilton, and Judy Markowitz,!! there will be no public money in the construction or operation of the Arena !!


    1. Some on council say that no public money will be spent on the recently passed Downtown (form based code) Strategy Plan either. Well $75K to Farnsworth for a lighting study, $30K for a hotel study. More public money WILL be spent cause no private parties in their right minds will spend it. Transparency in this town is an inside joke!


  3. Can’t the city of Bloomington hold the Contractor who installed the ventilation system resposible , $ 100,000 is more that tighting a few screws,sounds like a major, major disaster about to happen !!( maybe thats why I have never been in !! thrown together shack ) !!


  4. Diane,
    I’m just reading this now and it seems clear that you seem to be totally crazy!
    There was NOTHING to cover up or any logic to your illegal rant!
    You clearly don’t care about the truth or decency or morality or the public interest – just feeding your own sick obsession!
    Again, this site shows anyone can just make stuff up as you do Diane.
    The realities you create exist in your mind are NOT OUT HERE IN THE REAL WORLD!
    You have had an open mike Diane to just make stuff up but you can’t take
    any scrutiny because you have NO accountability and absolutely NO standards of evidence (at least known to modern humanity!)
    Those of us who do have accountability on a daily (if not moment by moment basis)
    are actually making things happen.
    Maybe you should get a real life Diane and try to actually DO SOMETHING!
    That’s a radical concept for you I realize!


  5. Great progress toward open government in Bloomington is happening on a daily basis!
    Open Houses, Town hall meetings, totally open reports to the press on everything!
    Further, the Illinois Policy Institute has increased the city’s rating dramatically from around 51 to around 77.
    We have more work to do, of course, but the diatribes on this site are inconsistent with reality. Some individuals have no concept of how to actually help make things better – only how to tear progress down Unfortunately, ,that’s become Diane Benjamin’s obsession – totally tear down – WHILE INCREDIBLE PROGRESS IS BEING MADE!
    Anyone can ‘make nonsense up’ like Diane Benjamin, but few can make progress for the future.


    1. Release the tape. Let’s hear you not say public comments against David Hales will not be tolerated. Let’s hear you not say 5-4 votes won’t be tolerated! What are you hiding? If everything was discussed later – your words – release the tape!


  6. We the taxpayers and citizens are tired of having been lied to, and hiding the truth, we are bird doging those at city hall, behind Diane , all the way !! NO More Stone Walling, from you, or the City Manager, !! Release the Tapes !!


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