Public Prayer – GASP! oh the horror!

by Diane Benjamin

Did you know the Constitution was written in secret?  The attendees were charged with NOT discussing any part of the deliberations until the document was complete.  Oh, and when they got stuck and couldn’t reach an agreement – they PRAYED.  This were men representing different states who had different religions.  Back in the 1700’s each state had a religious affiliation because the settlers wanted to live among their own.

Fast forward more than 200 years.  A tiny minority of people can control the vast majority by claiming to be offended by religion.  Here’s a news flash:  Christianity isn’t a religion.  Being Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, non-denominational, etc – that’s a religion.  Christianity is a way of life, simply acknowledging (as the Founders did) that we owe our lives to God.  Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, and saying differently doesn’t make it true.  Just look at the sculptures and architecture in Washington DC.  The Speaker of the House stares directly at Moses from the podium while the Supreme Court displays the 10 commandments.  Why were buildings crafted around religious beliefs if we were founded on God not having a central role?

The first amendment guarantees that Congress can not make any laws prohibiting the establishment of religion or free exercise of such.  The Supreme Court is now deciding if local government can open meetings with prayer:

It’s sad that Bloomington is afraid to have a Christmas tree for CHRIST-mas and they are terrified of prayer.  Founding Father John Adams:  “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.”  The Founders didn’t want a police state, they wanted people to regulate their own behavior making policing less needed.  Are we still a moral people able to self regulate?  TSA, FBI, CIA, State Police, City Police, County Police . . . maybe they all wouldn’t be necessary if public displays of religion weren’t oppressed and were actually encouraged.

I feel truly sorry for the offended.  You have no idea what you are missing.  Maybe a picture of my tree will suffice this year, but don’t look if religion offends you.  There are religious ornaments and an angle on top.  The tree is so big I couldn’t get it in the picture though.  Feel free to pray.

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3 thoughts on “Public Prayer – GASP! oh the horror!

  1. U think its just gov? check out some of the doctor offices around town. The few I’ve been in have NO Christmas trees/decorations up. They’re so worried about offending Muslims, and other religions they have succeeded in offended the largest religious body in the world, the US citizens! Its WAY past time to take our religion back!

  2. You want to really make a leftist really mad, Just smile your biggest smile and wish them a Merry Christmas! I do it all the time and it roasts em!

  3. Most Muslims and Indians don’t object to Christmas! Ephesus is located in Turkey, and the House of the Virgin Mary, up in the mountains outside of Ephesus are revered and very popular holy site for Christian and Muslim tourists. My son in law is from Egypt, he’s a professional and has lived here for aboiut6 15 years , He and my daughter go to a Methodist church and even though he isn’t a Christian he observers all our holidays. His family does also when they visit. His friends have no problem with it as well. The Muslims that do have a problem with it are the Islamists which many Muslims, at least Sunni Muslims which I know mostly hate with a passion. Now many Christians , non Christians, and atheists are the ones who get their panties all in a wad over offending other cultures. Notice how no one complains about Kwanza!!

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