What is Mayor Transparency’s definition?

by:  Diane Benjamin

Here’s what the Mayor’s version of transparency was during the campaign:

Published on Mar 21, 2013

Since the beginning of his campaign, Tari Renner has continually stressed transparency. Tari believes it is ludicrous that you can’t see how your hard earned tax dollars are spent! As mayor Tari would throw open the doors to City Hall. A vote for Tari is a vote for more efficient and transparent government.



The open houses are a nice touch, more citizens should take advantage of them.  But what is Mayor Renner doing behind closed doors?

(1) Renner helped write the March referendum to limit Council representation while never stating publicly he was behind it.


(2)  Freedom of Information Act requests routinely contain illegally redacted information or inaccurate information


(3)The Mayor didn’t try very hard to release the minutes of executive sessions, Tom Hamilton is long gone, why keep his evaluations away from the public?  

(I wonder how this fits with the last executive session where HE released part of what was discussed!)


(4) Did you know there is a group called

Mayors for the Freedom to Marry


Mayor Renner is a signer.

(5) Did you know Mayor Renner supports President Obama’s  “I Will Act on Climate” initiative, meaning Congress is immaterial.

Why do we need a Constitution and Congress when the President has the EPA?  http://www.pantagraph.com/business/local/mclean-county-board-member-the-consequences-of-climate-change-are/article_48e442fc-f898-11e2-aacc-0019bb2963f4.html

How’s the Global warming working for you?  They must have missed this story on the Mississippi River: http://blnnews.com/2013/02/16/the-river-is-socialist/

(6) Did you know Mayor Renner supports immigration reform – in other words Amnesty?


(7) The Financial Statements contain little useful information.  All subsidized activities of the City should be listed showing the tax dollars spent on each.


(8)  Citizens still have no idea what the “downtown plan” is.  Are we going to see a series of small zoning changes and wake up one day to find property owners downtown no longer control their properties?


(9)  How many more studies will taxpayers fund for projects they may not support?  How many more TIF districts will be created to lure developers?

Mr Mayor, do realize that rebating taxes to some people just spreads the costs to everybody else?


(10) The Mayor’s standard answer to why things don’t change is “I don’t have the votes”.  Prove it Mr. Mayor.  Demand the Council vote – in public!

Bloomington should quit calling local elections non-partisan because obviously national politics have local consequences.

Shouldn’t voters know where politicians stand BEFORE an election?

Did Bloomington elect a Mayor with the same values and beliefs of the voters?  What other national policies are going to be enacted locally?  Limiting vehicles downtown?  More multi-family properties to cram people together?  Limiting property rights?  More regulations? More taxes? Is local government getting bigger and more controlling?

Maybe more citizens should start going to the open houses and either watching the Council meetings on-line or in person!





5 thoughts on “What is Mayor Transparency’s definition?

  1. WOW! Talk about words not matching actions and as far as the answer to: Did Bloomington elect a Mayor with the same values and beliefs of the voters? What other national policies are going to be enacted locally? Limiting vehicles downtown? More multi-family properties to cram people together? Limiting property rights? More regulations? More taxes? Is local government getting bigger and more controlling?…………………………………I think it’s called UN Agenda 21!

  2. hmmm………………could this be why we have an anti-American, anti-national sovereignty, pro-global Communist UN flag at our city hall???

  3. The UN Agenda 21 is not the only thing that the United Nations is doing to US but it extends even farther. They are building a global fascist empire by taking our land away, controlling us through un-Constitutional federal regulations, indoctrinating our children through their ignorant, American Heritage hating (Freedom hating) Common Core re-education, designing our cities into human settlements. There is not much more for them to do to finally take total control over US to enslave us on their global plantation of Communism!!!
    “We cannot expect Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism.” –Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev, 1959

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