Bloomington has a water problem?

by:  Diane Benjamin

Didn’t the City ask residents to conserve water – just a few weeks ago?

The City Manager’s Monthly report for OCTOBER just got posted on December 20th.  Can everybody say: “The private sector wouldn’t tolerate waiting this long for information!”

From the Water Department :

 The City experienced above average precipitation, about 5 inches of rain, during the month.   The monthly average precipitation for October is about 3.2 inches. That average figure is  somewhat misleading in that the area was well below normal until October 30 and 31 when about 2.3 inches of rain pushed us over the average for the month. With this month’s precipitation deficit for the majority of the month, the Evergreen Lake Reservoir, our source of supply during the month, dropped to about 3 feet below its spillway. The Lake Bloomington Reservoir is below its spillway level by about 4.1 feet as well, so we are at a combined deficit of about 7.1 feet. Staff cannot use the Mackinaw River pumping station until there is a combined deficit of 8.0 feet. Although the reservoirs are lower than usual, there is little concern for the overall reservoir volumes at this time of the year. (Page 21)

See the whole report:

What changed between October and December?  I don’t have a clue.

The rest of the report has some interesting information, of course it’s rosy.





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