Get ready for Hales to get a lot bigger raise than us little people

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by:  Diane Benjamin

The email below was obtained under the Freedom of Information act.   It concerns ongoing discussions of David Hales job performance.

Mayor Renner seems to think David Hales should be compared to the CEO of a major corporation.  If Bloomington was a corporation, it would be bankrupt!  Corporations must have high productivity and make money.  Everything the City touches is subsidized by taxes.   Since Hales isn’t elected, the taxpayers don’t know what he does and can’t hold him responsible.  Stockholders can hold their CEO accountable.   Only the elected City Council has a voice, and most of the Council wants Hales to make all the decisions for them. (Rubber stamp 7)  They are nothing more than potted plants attending meetings.

Hales current salary, car allowance, and perks already make him one of the highest paid people in Bloomington.  Another 3% or more raise?  Seriously?




4 thoughts on “Get ready for Hales to get a lot bigger raise than us little people

  1. Let manager Hales pay for all the assistants he’s hiring to do his job. How does that factor in Mr. Tino Tari? It’d be one thing if he was doing more work but he has two or three assistants that the previous city manager did not have and now is going to hire a spin master. How much will the city manager staff be making now, $500-$600K? My gawd! This notion of doing it (the raise) just because (your claim) that others are doing it is lame. Hopefully you are a one term mayor Tari and then out the door with you.

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