League of Women Voters has NO credibility left

by:  Diane Benjamin

The IRS has been targeting conservative groups.  Even though the President stated he wouldn’t stand for it, nothing has changed.  In fact, the IRS is trying to get new rules to limit 1st amendment rights to free speech in elections.

Below is part of an email sent by the League:

League of Women Voters  Take Action


The IRS has proposed very significant changes in the regulations that govern what kind of political activity and how much of that activity a Section 501(c)(4) organization can carry out. This step is our best chance to rein in the secret “dark money” that has been polluting our elections since the Supreme Court’s terrible decision inCitizens United.  At the same time, the current proposal would undermine the League’s ability to conduct truly nonpartisan voter service activities across the country.
The national League has submitted comments to the IRS on the proposal, but we need your help!

Please contact the IRS and urge them to keep pushing to stop the dark money unleashed by Citizens United and to make sure that Leagues can continue our truly nonpartisan voter service work.


What they are REALLY upset about is Conservative Groups are now using the left’s tactics against them.  The Democratic Party has always had huge influxes of cash from government and other unions.



Dark money?  You mean the citizens contributing $25?  Or the Koch Brothers?

Keep in mind, the League of Women Voters favored ObamaCare!

They don’t like opposing points of view having money.  Very Democratic League.  I assume they are against True The Vote and voter ID laws too.

It’s time to quit talking about the League of Women Voters as non-partisan.   They are no more non-partisan than the last local election was.  If they really wanted “Dark Money” out of politics, government employees wouldn’t be funding elections.  Nothing works better than buying your job.

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