Running as GOP? UPDATE for elections

by:  Diane Benjamin

One guy running on the GOP ticket is making a mockery of his position.  Precinct committeemen are the “boots on the ground” for the Republican Party.  It is their job to promote GOP candidates to citizens in their precincts.  Many take their job seriously, some don’t.  If you are a GOP primary voter, your precinct committeemen’s responsibility is to make sure you know who is running for office and when the election is.

One guy currently holding a GOP precinct committeeman’s seat is Geoffrey Tompkins.  Tompkins was the Treasurer for DEMOCRAT Tari Renner’s mayoral campaign.  Yes, City elections are suppose to be non-partisan, but Renner has made it clear that he is a Democrat!


He wasn’t even very good at the job as evidenced by this letter to the Board of Elections.

Tompkins is being opposed by John Walther in Precinct 8.  I strongly urge you to defeat Tompkins by voting for Walther.

There are several other precinct committeemen who need replaced if the local GOP is going to reflect conservative values.  Citizens deserve a clear choice between Democrats and Republicans.  Having GOP Precinct Committeemen capable of promoting conservative values instead of being only slightly different from the Democrats is imperative.

In the City of Bloomington replace:

Precinct 8 – Tompkins with John Walther

Precinct 10 – Ben Owens  with  Lane Hanson

Several races do not have an incumbent running:  

Normal 20 – Elect Daniel O’Brien

Normal 17 – Elect Geoffrey Maier

Normal 27 – Elect Molly O’Shea

Bloomington Precinct 11 – Elect David Hastings

Bloomington Precinct 37 – Elect Joe Teague 


Money Creek – Elect Winifred Lee Feken (instead of Mike Emery)





4 thoughts on “Running as GOP? UPDATE for elections

  1. When Tompkins first came to this area from Arkansas years ago wasn’t their an article in the Pantagraph about him helping with Bill Clinton’s campaign? It may have been in the early 1990’s.

  2. Both of our main parties have been infiltrated by these wolves in sheep’s clothing. The Democrats with their left-wing Alinskyite Progressives and the Republicans with their right-wing RINO Neocons! Most people do not see or understand this and that is why they are the Sheeple that keep being deceived by these American hating, New World Order/globalist shysters!

    Sheeple: Sheep-like people, many of whom deny the existence of wolves, and vote to pull the teeth of the sheepdogs who protect the flock. — John Conner

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