Hey! Big pensions and Social Security

by:  Diane Benjamin

It’s common knowledge that government pensions are MUCH bigger than anything offered in the private sector.  Teachers remind us they don’t qualify for Social Security, which is true.  But what about local government employees?

Below is a list of City of Bloomington employees where the City is paying into both the pension system and social security/medicare.  A few on the list, like aldermen, show zero under pension.  It was difficult to get them off the list without sacrificing accuracy.  I try to play with the data as little as possible.  The numbers shown for pensions and FICA are what the taxpayers contribute!

Click here:  Salaries with Pensions & Social Security/Medicare

Maybe this will help you see why government never has enough money.  The ONLY way to defeat the massive pension obligation is to quit hiring employees.  No, Bloomington doesn’t understand that because they have you to tax.




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