Still living in Illinois? Why?

by:  Diane Benjamin

Illinois ranks 2nd for more people leaving than moving in.  Only New Jersey out-ranks Illinois.  (What does that say about NJ Gov. Chris Christie?)  The list of why it’s happening is almost endless, but they all have to do with one thing:  GOVERNMENT.  The first job of government is to protect the freedom and liberty of the citizens.  Maybe our Illinois politicians skipped civics and went straight to the Karl Marx class.  Our kids are being taught socialism is good.   They don’t bother to mention the MILLIONS of people have died under socialism.

Our Founders pledged their Lives, their Fortunes, and their Sacred Honor for Freedom.  We now live in the Socialist Republic of Illinois.  We are not a Sovereign State because illegal aliens feel right at home while they feast off your income.  A photo ID is required to buy alcohol and tobacco, get a library card, but not to vote.   Honest elections are required for fair government, in Illinois that’s not possible.

Locally, the school districts think you are stupid enough not to show up for a primary election to defeat a 1% Sales Tax.  They also believe voters that do show up will be thinking about “the kids” and not about no property tax relief, no promise of property tax relief, and no promise property taxes will NOT go up anyway.  Are you that stupid?  I suggest you drag your friends and neighbors to the polls on March 18th!

Government sees it’s job as parent – you aren’t capable of making your own decisions.  Here’s some of what Illinois legislators are going to try to pass:

  • Guns registration.   This will instantly create thousands if not millions of criminals because WE WILL NOT COMPLY
  • Soda Tax.  You aren’t smart enough to control your soda habit, so we will just tax you.  No personal responsibility required.
  • Raise Minimum Wage.  Youth unemployment is ridiculously high already.  Kids will never get a job and the experience it brings if the minimum wage is raised.  Jobs will be lost – look forward to ordering on a machine at McDonald’s in the future instead of giving your order to an employee.
  • Progressive Income tax.  YOU will pay more income tax if you make more than $18,000.  This isn’t about being fair.  It’s about collecting more money because Illinois can’t say no to any programs.
  • Tax hike permanent.  The tax hike was supposed to pay down the huge stack of unpaid bills.  The legislature spent the increase, the unpaid bills remain.
  • High unemployment.  Illinois regulations and taxes force business out of Illinois.  Politicians don’t know how to promote a business friendly environment.  News Flash:  businesses create jobs! If Springfield and Chicago believe businesses are evil, businesses will move to where they are wanted, and they are.
  • Medicaid.  Illinois is signing up as many people as possible and bragging about YOU paying for their healthcare.  It doesn’t matter if they are legally entitled to Medicaid or if they can find a doctor.
  • Sanctuary State.  Illegal Aliens have more rights in Illinois than citizens.

Here’s the best reason to leave:  The Illinois legislature overrode Gov. Quinn’s veto of ComEd’s and Ameren’s rate bill.  Electricity rates can now be raised for the next 10 years WITHOUT permission from the Illinois Commerce Commission!  Politicians took campaign money for their vote instead of looking out for us.

I get messages on Facebook and email everyday from people finding out life is wonderful elsewhere.  Why are you still here?  Reformers will only try to fix Illinois for so long before they quit and move on.  The Democrats will control Springfield until 2020 thanks to redistricting, unless the citizens have had enough.  Not likely  when unions run the state and want taxes raised so they can retire much better off than you.

Can Illinois be fixed?  Not when our kids think socialism is a good thing.





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