Bloomington Employee Compensation

by:  Diane Benjamin

At last night’s Council meeting, David Hales claimed the 619 City employees were over-worked and under paid.   The salary information is now listed on the City website:

Below is a recap of the number of employees by salary:

2013 salaries2







Estimated median household income in 2011:   $59,011

Over HALF of the City employees earn more

than the medium Bloomington

HOUSEHOLD income – including David Hales!

Bloomington:  Are you being RULED or Governed?

Population of Bloomington:  77,733

A total budget of $180,000,000 is $2316 per citizen.


David Hales wants to hire even more employees, only 5 of which are Police and Fire.

Don’t forget, all these employees come with a pension.  Hales is making no effort to out-source any jobs to avoid pensions, but there is always a lot of money for more studies!  Is Mayor Renner and David Hales trying to get citizens to leave Bloomington?  Aren’t they aware people are LEAVING Illinois because of taxes?

“Quality of Life” in Bloomington goes down when government takes more of your income.

The days of providing pensions to make up for low salaries are long gone!  Government just won’t realize it until nobody is left to pay the bills.

Obviously Mayor Transparency approves of the spending or it wouldn’t have been on the agenda.

Final thought, how many State Farm employees are begging for a transfer?

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9 thoughts on “Bloomington Employee Compensation

  1. In individual meeting with Hales, Renner, and Silva they claim median household income of “Bloomington” residents is 80,000  due to two incomes.

    Where did you get your stats on this and was it county wide or Bloomington and Normal or?

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    1. Bloomington – the link was under the data. It’s from 2011, but it didn’t go up that much!
      Even if their information is true, 176 City employees (28%) make more than 2 income families!

  2. body{font-family: Geneva,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:9pt;background-color: #ffffff;color: black;} am sure you saw this but heres the link…

  3. Why is it that police and fire employees always get a pass, even in this article. Are we sure we need more police and fire employees? I hear this mantra a lot as if there’s no waste in either one of these departments. Have you checked the salary of the average Bloomington police officer or firefighter lately?

      1. I wrote about them a couple years ago. I actually had people email me saying they deserve the huge salaries and pensions. Maybe they didn’t realize they paid for them.

    1. My point is, and I think we’re on the same page, do we really need three new firefighters or police officers, or whatever Hales is proposing? This is life in a post 9/11 world of Homeland Security compassionate conservative crap in which police and firefighters have been canonized to the point that we can never question their over inflated salaries or even the need for more of them on the city payroll. I respect what they do, but I’m sure there’s waste in their departments just as any other city department. My friend is a Bloomington Firefighter who made $98,000 last year and a lot of it was made draining fire hydrants in which he was paid overtime to do it. Multiply that by three guys on a truck doing the same thing and hopefully you get the picture. Once you figure in pension issues we’re well beyond a path of finical insolvency. I’ve gone to so many truth in taxation hearings in which the constant mantra is “we don’t want any cuts to our police and fire departments.” Oh really? Why not?

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