ISU students encouraged to destroy their futures

by:  Diane Benjamin

Young people have turned on President Obama.  According to a recent poll, 71% of Obama voters regret voting for him in 2012:

Young people are realizing the massive debt is going to fall on them.  What does government do?  Give more presents!

Today in the ISU newspaper – the Daily Vidette:

Link cards reduce grocery shopping stress

The state of Illinois may be able to ease  financial stress and relieve the “poor college student” title by providing a Link card for those who are eligible.

Illinois Link cards are directly related to cash assistance and food stamps. They work much like debit cards. Link cards are preloaded each month providing a source of money or credits for people or families that cannot afford to pay for groceries, rent, utilities or other necessary bills each month.

Link cards are accepted at most grocery stores and ATMs in the United States. The amount of money on the card is preloaded each month relative to the needs of families or individuals.

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The State of Illinois is broke, the Federal Government is broke, but students are encouraged to use Food Stamps.

Remember when people would rather starve than take welfare?  I hope these kids are smart enough to realize they are being used to destroy their futures with more debt.

Remember when people were embarrassed to be on welfare?  Remember when people understood taking money from the government meant they were taking it from fellow citizens?  Remember when being responsible for yourself was the norm instead of the exception?

Soon nobody will remember.





3 thoughts on “ISU students encouraged to destroy their futures

    1. That is exactly it Jeff! I wish more people would study their strategy because then they would see what this Obama government is doing. I try to share about it with my students at ISU. Though I’m only a janitor, I have three floors in the Wright dorm at West campus and I’m around about 150 students each day. I find by talking with my students that they are being taught against Capitalism because it is “greed” and that Socialism is “caring and kind” to others. In an essay that Columbia university Professor Richard Andrew Cloward and his wife Francis Fox Piven had published in The Nation magazine back in 1966, they outlined a strategy through which every American would receive from the government a nationwide guaranteed annual income. To bring this about, they essentially recommended that as many people as possible should be enrolled in government welfare programs so as to “deliberately” bankrupt the system. Our government officials would then feel politically compelled to create a permanent solution to the welfare problem by restructuring our Capitalist free-market economy into a socialist economy. This of course is just another form of redistribution of wealth. If you notice everything the Obama government does, from Obamacare to welfare and food stamps is all about redistribution of wealth which is a Communist principle of Karl Marx! Here is an excellent short video that I like to send out to explain the Cloward-Piven strategy:

  1. Really, what good is it to expose the culprids , whether its stealing , or any other miscues,your exposing the guilty, but unless, they resign from their jobs its all for nil !!

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