Fly on the Wall: Are Normal taxpayers getting the bill?

Flying around I hear the Town of Normal is footing the bills for the new soccer complex.

Of course with no Council vote! Are the funds coming from a slush fund? Pam’s secret stash?

Is this why Koos won’t allow bills to be discussed?

I hear Chris Koos, Kevin McCarthy, and Chemberly Cummings think this is economic development, kind of like the Coliseum and the Corn Belters were!

Strike Three for local sports complexes?

4 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Are Normal taxpayers getting the bill?

  1. We knew that was the plan all along, whether in whole or in part. I expect it’ll be like Hunter’s laptop…


  2. Bloomington offered 1/2 of Prarie Vista which has better road access. Normal promised to give more $$$ and make it cost less if we left Bloomington. The deal is so sweet that I assume it is pay back for the Metro Zone breakup. Mayor Koos said he already has the votes from all but 1 council member to get the deal done. I am glad we live in Bloomington and don’t have to pay for this. If Normal wants to pay for it, we’ll drive there and use it.


  3. Normal telegraphed they were all-in long-ago. McCarthy also hints that Koos and Reece call the shots, not the council.

    “CVB member and Normal City Council member
    Kevin McCarthy did not object to delaying the vote because he said he needed to review SFA’s revised scope with Normal City Manager Pam Reece and Mayor Chris Koos.

    “The town of Normal is still very supportive of this idea, in which there is an economic development aspect to it,” said McCarthy.”

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