Can somebody explain . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin

Normal raised the Sales Tax 1%.  Now the City Manager seems to have dropped plans for a soccer field.  Sunday the rag reported they won’t be doing any projects for at least a year.  Was soccer a rouse?  The whole 1% was a setup, only 1/4% was needed for so-called mental health!  It’s really jail expansion, drugs for the mentally ill, and a fancy bus stop.  If soccer is off the table, what’s on it?

Bloomington was conned into passing the 1% too.  Renner had it all setup with Koos.  Bloomington isn’t sure why they passed it either.  Slight attempts by David Sage to only pass 1/4% were smacked by Renner.

Something is cooking and you can bet it’s not good.  Citizens have been played again – worse both Councils have no clue what they are doing.  They obediently follow to the cliffs edge and jump knowing the local media is too clueless to question their judgement.

The new tax goes into effect January 1st.  If you must make large purchases, buy now.  You will be much poorer in 2016.  Illinois also has eyes on your wallet.  Fleeing this bottomless tax hell hole might work better.

Government here will NEVER have enough money.


7 thoughts on “Can somebody explain . . .

  1. Probably going toward consultants, lawyers, zoo maintenance and Hales spiking his pension. Can’t let him retire and get skinny! Maybe Tari is going to get an Alfred E. Neuman makeover? All this cost money, and as long as it ISN’T theirs, WHAT do they care!!


  2. Possibly more Flamingos? Maybe a different color.

    Someone was on the local ham radio station. CBJW, this morning spewing about the soccer and how it was needed and an asset to the city and area. I didn’t catch who it was and I presume some Normal city council member the way it sounded.

    I thought gawd lady are you ever messed up. I can sure think of other places to spend the money rather than build some soccer field complex to support a bunch of loser wannabe Olympic coaches.

    Here’s what I don’t get. Myself and many others from around here didn’t have soccer fields or even baseball fields like they have now or want and we did just fine going to parks, or the YMCA/YWCA. No one was holding out their hand back then asking for money. I’m more of the opinion if some group wants a soccer field then let them build it and pay for it. Criminey where does this stop at. Once they open that gate no telling who next will want a piece of the taxpayer pie.


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