Hales Lies again

By:  Diane Benjamin

City Manager David Hales was on WJBC this morning:  http://cdn.stationcaster.com/stations/wjbc/media/mpeg/David_Hales__Bloomington_City_Manager-1442925320.mp3

At least Scott Laughlin watched the meeting!

Where did Hales lie?  Listen at 16:40.

Scott asked Hales if he was happy with the Coliseum management.  Hales loves them and went on to say they achieved BREAK EVEN in operations!  That was your first clue that Hales wants their contract renewed for another 5 years.  (It’s up in April 2016)

Scott, you let him lie unchallenged!

I reported the REAL operational loses last January.  https://blnnews.com/2015/01/20/more-coliseum-fraud/

What CIAM reports or David Hales claims is immaterial.  The only reports that matter are the AUDITED financial statements.

Of course, we still don’t know how much the Coliseum really lost as of 4/30/15 because the auditors report won’t be out until the end of October.

We do know as of 4/30/12 the Coliseum lost $109,049 in operations.

We do know as of 4/30/13 the Coliseum lost $22,943 in operations

We do know as of 4/30/14 the Coliseum lost $782,945 in operation.

We do know that CIAM reported operational loses of $494,444 as of 4/30/15.  We also know their numbers are never right!

David Hales:  Where is the Break Even?

Is honesty too tough for you too?

Scott, is being a journalist too difficult?  Why allow people to lie on your station?

Scott:  When the audited numbers come out, are you going to report the REAL loses?





9 thoughts on “Hales Lies again

  1. It’s clear David Hales’ understanding of profit and loss is about as deficient as Alderman Painter’s understanding of percentages from a tax increase. Blame it on common core!


  2. WHO hired Hales? Fire them, or tar and feather them! Arena management is an oxymoron and ALWAYS has been! They have YET to pay the bills, let alone break even! and NOW the city is going to give us “lip service” and tell us that they NEED the tax increase to CONTINUE the current level of GOOD ROAD maintenance ,etc.


    1. I suspect some employment talent search firm found him and applied a lot of lipstick on the pig so to speak (not saying he is one) to dress it up to sell to the council and mayor. The mayor then I believe was Steve Stockton.


      1. A comment was made last night by one of the public speakers that Renner had some influence while on the County Board.


  3. Hales must be getting a kick back from Butler. Has to. How can you be that dishonest? I bet he gets free tickets to events. When does his tenure end?


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